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Relay FM

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Type  Private
Number of employees  3
Industry  Podcast
Founded  2014
Relay FM httpswwwrelayfmassetsrelayfmmasterthumbna

Genre  Technology, Apple, Podcast, Google
Headquarters  United States of America and United Kingdom
Owner  Myke Hurley and Stephen M. Hackett
Founders  Stephen M. Hackett, Myke Hurley

Two years of relay fm in under a minute

Relay FM is a podcast network covering a diverse range of subjects including pens, video games, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, and productivity. It was founded 18 August 2014 by Myke Hurley and Stephen M. Hackett. The network has many hosts, including Christina Warren, senior tech editor at Gizmodo; CGP Grey, youtuber and co-host of the podcast Hello Internet; Simone de Rochefort, video editor at Polygon; Casey Liss, Marco Arment, and John Siracusa from the Accidental Tech Podcast; and Brianna Wu, cofounder of Giant Spacekat.

Over the course of 2015, many podcasts moved under the Relay FM network and added to the diversity of the hosts and topics. Christina Warren, Brianna Wu, and Simone de Rochefort from Rocket; Aleen Simms from Less Than or Equal; Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost from Studio Neat; Yasmine Evjen, Andy Ihnatko, and Russell Ivanovic from Material; and David Sparks and Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users all joined the network or started new shows since Relay FM's inception.

When the podcast network launched, it had five shows: Analog(ue), Connected, Inquisitive, The Pen Addict, and Virtual. Today, there are 22 live shows on the network, in addition to the extra B-Sides podcast consisting of before and after show snippets and the retired shows Inquisitive, Isometric, and Virtual (Isometric and Virtual transformed into Disruption and Remaster respectively; Inquisitive was not replaced).

On 9 October 2015, Relay FM launched its mobile application, allowing users to discover new shows, listen to the latest shows, and be notified when their favorite show is broadcasting live. Users of the app can also subscribe to shows in their favorite podcast app of choice from the Relay FM app.


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