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Reinhold Zschiesche Tenement in Bydgoszcz

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Type  Tenement
Client  Reinhold Zschiesche
Opened  1888
Groundbreaking  1885
Completed  1888
Floor count  4
Floors  4
Architect  Józef Święcicki
Reinhold Zschiesche Tenement in Bydgoszcz
Location  Chocimska St.1, at the intersection with Gdanska Street, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Architectural style  Eclecticism in architecture
Similar  Hugo Hecht tenement, Józef Święcicki tenement, Tenement at Freedom Square 1, Hotel "Pod Orlem" in Bydgoszcz, Villa Hugo Hecht in Bydgoszcz

The Reinhold Zschiesche Tenement is a habitation building located at Chocimska St.1, at the intersection with Gdanska Street in Bydgoszcz



The building stands on the western side of Gdanska street, at the crossing with Chocimska Street.

It stands close to remarkable tenements in the same street, among others:

  • Tenement at Gdanska street 91;
  • Hugo Hecht tenement at N°92-94;
  • Carl Bradtke Tenement at N°93;
  • Tenement at Gdanska street 95;
  • Stanisław Rolbieski tenement at N°96;
  • Carl Peschel tenement at N°101.
  • History

    The house was built between 1885 and 1888 for the dealer and restaurateur Reinhold Zschiesche, according to a project by Józef Święcicki.

    From 1908, the ground floor housed a restaurant and pub, owned by Reinhold Zschiesche, with its entrance located at the corner of the building.

    In the 1920s, in the backyard, Antoni Zurawski ran a trading company.


    Building's architecture has eclecticicism style, with plastic details, taken from the repertoire of Neo-Renaissance and Mannerism decoration forms. The corner of the house is underlined by a two-storey bay window.

    In the same area, Józef Święcicki also realized other edifices:

  • Hotel "Pod Orlem" at Gdanska St. 14;
  • Oskar Ewald Tenement at Gdanska St. 30;
  • Józef Święcicki tenement at Gdanska St. 63;
  • Tenement at Gdanska street 86;
  • Villa Hugo Hecht at N°88-90;
  • Hugo Hecht tenement at N°92-94
  • Tenement at Freedom Square 1.
  • References

    Reinhold Zschiesche Tenement in Bydgoszcz Wikipedia

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