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Villa Hugo Hecht in Bydgoszcz

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Type  Villa
Completed  1889
Opened  1889
Construction started  1888
Country  Poland
Client  Hugo Hecht
Floors  2
Architect  Józef Święcicki
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Classification  N°601315-Reg.A/137, 19 March 2004
Location  Gdanska street 88-90, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Architectural style  Renaissance Revival architecture
Similar  Hugo Hecht tenement, Theonia Reichhardt House in, Alexander Timm House

The Villa Hugo Hecht is an historical house in downtown Bydgoszcz.



The house has two buildings (at N°88 and N°90). It is on the eastern side of Gdańska Street, between Zamoyski street and Chodkiewcza street.

It stands close to remarkable tenements in the same street:

  • Villa Carl Grosse at N°84;
  • Otto Riedl Tenement at N°85;
  • Tenement at Gdanska street 91;
  • Hugo Hecht tenement at N°92-94.
  • History

    Both houses have been built in the years 1888-1889. They were part of a project of six close stylish buildings ordered by the merchant and dealer in timber Hugo Felix Franz Hecht. He assigned Bydgoszcz architect Józef Święcicki to realize his scheme.

    The owner of the buildings in 1900-1939 was an activist and social worker in Bydgoszcz, physician Hermann Dietz. He had made in 1900 an residential wing added to the building, according to a design of the initial project manager, Joseph Święcicki. At this time, the address of the villa was "Danzigerstrasse 123-124, Bromberg".


    The two juxtaposed buildings, covered with mansard roofs, seemingly create a uniform shape. However, the architect, through the use of different decorative motifs on each of the buildings, subtly contrasted them. Both villas represent a style modeled on the French Neo-Renaissance.

    This is reflected in the choice of details and in the structure of the edifice with a characteristic avant-corps, topped with a decorative gable, breaking the facade symmetry. Frontage is decorated with diverse architectural details. Cast iron decorative elements have remained to this day, such as the barrier railing that runs along the roof of both buildings, pushing further the architectural unity of the edifice.

    The building has been put on the Pomeranian heritage list (N°601315-Reg.A/137), on 19 March 2004.


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