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Ratko Đokić

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Aleksandra Đokić

Ratko Đokić RatkoDjokic Spiritus movens

5 May 2003, Stockholm, Sweden

Rade Kotur, Nenad Mišović, Mille Marković

Ratko "Cobra" Đokić (Serbian Cyrillic: Paткo Ђокић; died 2003) was a Serbian-Swedish mob boss, a leader of the so-called "Yugo Mafia" or Yugoslavian Brotherhood, composed of Yugoslavs in Sweden. He owned a boxing gym in a suburb of Stockholm. He was assassinated in May 2003.


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He was born into a Serbian Orthodox, Montenegrin family, during the late 1940s in Titograd, PR Montenegro, FPR Yugoslavia. He was the maternal cousin of Baja Sekulić, another businessman involved in cigarette smuggling. He was a supporter of Momir Bulatović.

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On 4 February 1998, his close associate Dragan "Jokso" Joksović was assassinated at the Solvalla race track. The hit man is a 19-year-old Finnish immigrant, hired by a formed associate Dragan "Kova" Kovač. On 9 July 1998, Kova was killed with 40 bullets outside a Stockholm restaurant in broad day light. His daughter Aleksandra married Milan Sevo, a mobster dubbed the new figurehead of the Mafia after Jokso's assassination.

Feud with Rade Kotur

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Đokić acted as a protector to Kotur's rivals, he also helped businesses removing RKC gambling machines. Kotur suspected that Đokić had earlier been involved in the shootings at the villa of Kotur.


He was killed in Stockholm, at 11 a.m. Two attackers wounded him fatally and he succumbed to the injuries in a hospital.


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