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Ramy Ayach

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Birth name
Ramy Abu Ayach

Ramy Ayach

Record label
Rotana Records

Pop folk

Aida Qais Abu Ayach

Baakleen, Lebanon

Dalida Saeed (m. 2013)

Singer ·

Ramy Ayach Filbalad Ramy Ayach at Tabla North Coast

Singer , songwriter, composer, instrumentalist

String instruments (oud), Piano, percussion

Gharamy, Habbaytak ana, Albi Mal, Habetak ana, Diwan Al Hob, Walaah

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Also known as
Ramy Ayach ; Pop Star

Ramy ayach singing melhem barakat

Ramy Ayach (Arabic: رامي عياش) (born Ramy Abu Ayach, رامي ابوعياش, on August 18, 1980 in Baakline, Lebanon), is a multi-platinum and award-winning Lebanese singer, composer, actor, and philanthropist. Commonly referred to as the "Pop Star" in the Arab world for his impact and contribution to the contemporary Arab music scene and Pop Culture, Ayach is a winner of the most prestigious Pan-Arab awards , and is behind some of the most recognizable Arab hits of the modern era such as "Mabrouk", "Albi Mal", "Khalini Ma3ak", "El Nas El Ray2a", and "Majnoun". Also an actor, his most recent role was in the hit drama series "Amir El Leil. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Ayach is also the founder of the biggest NGO led by an artist: the "Ayach Al Tofoula Foundation", which is solely dedicated to the education and empowerment of children.


Ramy Ayach Ramy Ayach Tour Dates and Concert Tickets Eventful

Ramy Ayach At Cairo Opera 2009 - Sawah


Ramy Ayach enhibamusiccomajouter2filesuplodedphotosart

Ramy Ayach rose to fame in 1997, when he won the 1st prize of the celebrated Pan-Arab talent show competition "Studio Al Fan". . Shortly afterwards, Ramy Ayach released his first Studio Album in 1998 titled "Ra2e3", for which he gained critical and commercial success with pop culture hit singles such as "Bghanila w bde2ela" and "la3younak bade ghane". After the release of his debut album, Ramy Ayach quickly went on to become an icon in the Arab pop music, and a much-respected artist despite his young age.

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In addition to being a singer, Ramy Ayach is widely reputed for writing lyrics and composing his own songs. He plays several instruments, among which the piano, the oud, and the base.

Ramy Ayach Ramy Ayach in Abu Dhabi for 2014 Waleg

Following the great success and impact of his music throughout the Arab region and the Arab diaspora worldwide, Ramy Ayach went on to gain the title of "Pop Star", given to him by his large fan-base.

Ramy Ayach has been recognized and awarded prizes multiple times throughout his career, for both his work in music and as a devoted philanthropist.



In 1998, Ramy Ayach released his debut album titled "Ra2e3", named after the hit single of the same name, which was first released in 1997. In 1999, Ayach released his second album titled "Mo3jiza", followed by a third album the following year titled "Diwan Al Hob", and a 4th album titled "W al2ah" in 2001.



In 2002, Ramy Ayach released his 5th album titled "Albi Mal", taken from the album lead single of the same name. The album won Ayach the Arab pop stardom status with the now epic hit "Albi Mal".

In 2004, Ayach released his 6th album "Ya Msahar 3eni", considered to be one of the artist's biggest successes with pop hits such as "Ya Msahar 3eni" and the epic hit "Mabrouk", which is to date played in almost every celebration in the Arab world.

In 2007, another smash-hit album was released by the artist, titled "Habaytak Ana", which helped reveal Ayach's vocal capabilities and establish him as a respected artist. The album included numerous hits, and led him to perform at the prestigious Opera Houses of Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. Ayach was the first Arab artist to perform at both Opera Houses, selling out both venues and gathering three generations in one place. His successful performances at the Egyptian Opera Houses won him the title of "Amir Al Tarab" (the prince of Tarab) by the Egyptian media.

2009 was another turning point for Ramy Ayach, which saw his first duet experience with Egyptian pop star, Ahmad Adawiya. The pair released the smash-hit single "El Nas el Ray2a", which topped the Arabic charts for a whole year, leaving a lasting mark on the Arab music pop-scene to date.

In 2010, Ayach released his 8th album titled "Gharami", a much-anticipated album which was a shift in the artist's musical genre. The album comprised the hit singles "Effrah Fiki" and "Majnoun/Tal El Sahar", highlighting Ayach's avant-garde persona. Furthermore, the music videos from said albums set a new level on the music filmography scene, and won the artist best music videos at the Murex d'or Awards. The Album as a whole won the artist "Best Art Work" at the 2012 Murex d'Or awards.

In 2012, Ramy Ayach released another smash-hit single titled "Jebran" which gained wide critical and commercial success. "Jebran" raised another bar in the Arab music scene, bringing yet another genre in musical composition and arrangement. "Jebran" was composed by the Ramy Ayach himself.

In 2015, Ayach released the hit-single "Yala Nor2os", a festive song imprinted by fast beats, a style now known to the artist. In 2016, Ayach released "7keye Jeye" as the official soundtrack of the hit drama series "Amir El Leil", in which he starred as the leading role. "7keye Jeye" topped the Arabic charts for several months, setting another unprecedented success for a series' soundtrack.

Ramy Ayach's much-awaited new album is due to be released in 2017. The first single from this album, titled "Ya 7abib Al 9alb", was released in April 2017 and was trending on twitter within 1 hour of its release.


In 2015, Ramy Ayach's first experience as an actor in a leading role, was in the pan-Arab thriller movie "Paparazzi".

In 2016, Ayach took on another acting role in the hit Pan-Arab drama series "Amir El Leil" , a historic series based on the life-story of Lebanese Prince Omar Chehab, which takes place during the French protectorate era in Lebanon. Ayach's leading role, as Prince Omar Chehab, won him critical praise, as well as "Best Male Actor & Singer" award at the Murex d'Or 2017 awards , in addition to the Murex d'Or for Best Song of the Year. The series Pilot aired on the Lebanese-based pan-Arab network LBC in September 2016, followed by 76 episodes, with the finale airing in February 2017. The "Amir El Leil" series was a commercial, popular, and critical success, and ranked at the top of drama series in terms of viewers. The series also helped establish Ayach as a respected actor and an accomplished artist.


In 2010, Ayach founded the "Ayach Al Tofoula Foundation" which is the biggest NGO led by an artist, and entirely dedicated to children education and empowerment. The Foundation runs by the slogan "Let Education Be Their Greatest Weapon". The "Ayach Al Tofoula Foundation" has been providing free education and scholarships to hundreds of students in Lebanon and in Morocco. The foundation has also provided financial aids, book supplies and activities for thousands of children in need in Lebanon and Morocco, with the aim to expand its operations throughout the MENA region.

Personal Life

In August 2014, Ramy Ayach wed Lebanese fashion designer Dalida Said (now known as Dalida Ayach), in a lavish ceremony that took place at the BIEL venue in Beirut, Lebanon. The ceremony was attended by a great number fellow artists as well as notable personalities from the fashion and media scene. Ramy and Dalida Ayach are among the top high profile couples in the Arab world, known for their great sense of style and affection for one another. Together, they welcomed their first child, a son named "Aram" in March 2016.

Awards & Recognition

• 2017 | Murex d'Or for Best Actor & Singer

• 2017 | Murex d'Or for Song of the Year

• 2016 | Murex d'Or for Excellence in Singing and Interpretation

• 2016 | LAU Appreciation Award

• 2015 | Murex d'Or for Best Lebanese Male Artist

• 2013 | Delta Award

• 2013 | OTV Award

• 2013 | Red Cross Friendship Association in Chouf Appreciation and Distinction Award

• 2012 | Bissaraha Award for Best Music Video "Jebran"

• 2011 | Murex d'Or of the Year for Outstanding Achievement

• 2011 | Murex d'Or for Best Music Video "Majnoun"

• 2011 | 13th Festival of the Arabic Music Distinction Award on behalf of the Independent Syndicate of Moroccan Musicians

• 2011 | Baakline Municipality Recognition and Appreciation Award

• 2011 | AUCE Youth Ambassador

• 2011 | AUCE Distinction Award

• 2011 | Lebanese Diaspora in Canada Association Award for Singer of the Year

• 2009 | MENA Award for Best Music Video " Al Nas Al Ray2a"

• 2008 | 1st International Song Festival Award

• 2006 | Murex d'Or Song of The Year "Habaytak Ana"

• Lion's Club | Appreciation Award

Rotary International | Appreciation Award


• Ra2e3 (1998) / Music Box International

• Mo3jiza (1999) / Music Box International

• Diwan Al Hob (2000) / Rotana

• W Al2ah (2001) / Rotana

• Albi Mal (2002) / Rotana

• Ya Msahar 3eni (2004) / Rotana

• 7abaytak Ana (2007) / Rotana

• Gharami (2010) / Rotana

Track listing

  • 2007: Habbaytak Ana
    1. Habbaytak Ana
    2. Khallik
    3. Ya Bint El-Jirani
    4. Aayni Aal Gharam
    5. W Min El-Chebbak
    6. Doummini
    7. Dana W Ana
    8. Khalli Indak Damm
  • 2004: Ya Msahar Einy
    1. Ya Msahar Einy
    2. El-Hanan W El-Hob
    3. Hobak Mehayarni
    4. Khaleni Maak
    5. Mabrouk
    6. Ya Omry La
    7. Habeeb El-Alb
    8. Leeh
  • 2002: Albi Mal
    1. Albi Mal
    2. Al Laylo ya Layla
    3. Behwak
    4. Heyya Heyya
    5. Allah Yekon Maak
    6. Hababteni feek
    7. Keef Tarikne
  • 2001: Dewan El Hob
    1. Aarfeno
    2. Allah Aalaik
    3. Bakrahak
    4. Khad Harer
    5. Hatha Lotf Mennek
    6. Men Awal Nathrah
  • 2000: Wel'ah
    1. Wel'ah
    2. Ahl Lhawa
    3. Ahlamak
    4. Alby Elyk
    5. Shtaktilak
    6. Sawad El Ninny
  • 1999: Mou'jiza
    1. Mou'jiza
    2. Elli Shobbaik W'lobbaik
    3. Al-Soura
    4. Beechak Mn Ben El Aynayn
    5. Albi W'albik
    6. Zghayar Oumry
  • 1998: Rae'h
    1. Rae'h
    2. Laayounik
    3. Khidni
    4. Ghanni Ya Bolbol
    5. Torkos A' la Daffi
    6. Bghanilha


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