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Ramlösa is a brand of carbonated mineral water from a source in Ramlösa Brunnspark in the southern part of Helsingborg, Sweden. Ramlösa goes back to the year 1707 when a health spa around the source was founded by Johan Jacob Döbelius.


Map of Raml%C3%B6sa, 256 57 Helsingborg, Sweden

Ramlösa is very common in northern Europe and is considered a high-standard mineral water. Ramlösa is also popular outside of Scandinavia and the water is exported as far as the United States, Australia, Middle East and New Zealand.

Ramlösa is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danish brewery group Carlsberg

Swedish commercials for Ramlösa previously had voice overs by actor Stellan Skarsgård.

Alex vs therese loka raml sa challenge

In popular culture

  • Patrick Bateman, the main character in the novel American Psycho rates Ramlösa as "very good".
  • The beverage is also featured in the 1992 Robert Altman film, The Player where Tim Robbins character orders a glass of Ramlösa.
  • The character Mikael Blomkvist requests the product as a favored drink in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.
  • The beverage is mentioned several times in the HBO series The Sopranos in the Season 2 episode "Bust Out".
  • The beverage is shown several times in its blue waterdrop export bottle in the movie Ocean's Eleven
  • The beverage is mentioned in the Swedish band Kent's song "Socker", with a biblical reference: "and Ramlösa becomes wine".
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