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Raiders of Ghost City

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Cinematography  Harry Neumann
Language  English
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, History
Editors  Alvin Todd, Ace Herman
Country  United States
Raiders of Ghost City movie poster

Director  Lewis D. Collins Ray Taylor
Release date  25 June 1944
Writer  Luci Ward (original screenplay), Morgan Cox (original screenplay)
Directors  Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins
Genres  Western, Action Film, Adventure Film, Black-and-white
Cast  Dennis Moore (Capt. Steve Clark), Wanda McKay (Cathy Haines), Lionel Atwill (Erich von Rugen, alias Alex Morel), Joe Sawyer (Idaho Jones), Regis Toomey (Capt. Clay Randolph [Chs. 1-6]), Virginia Christine (Countess Elsa von Merck, alias Trina Dressard)
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Raiders of Ghost City is a 1944 Universal movie serial set in California during the American Civil War.


Raiders of Ghost City Amazoncom Raiders Of Ghost City Chapters 113 Dennis Moore


At the height of the Civil War, a gang of supposed Confederates, headed by Alex Morel, raid all gold shipments from Oro Grande, California, bound for Washington. Captain Steve Clark is recognized as a Union Secret Service agent by Morel's accomplice Trina Dessard, along with his friend Idaho Jones, is ambushed in the baggage car and sent to almost certain death when the car is un-coupled and plunges down the mountainside.

Leaping to safety, Idaho and Steve report to Colonel Sewell in Oro Grande, and Idaho introduces himself as a Wells Fargo detective to Cathy Haines the Oro Grande company agent. Steve and Idaho learn that the Morel raiders are only posing as Confederates, and their headquarters are at Morel's "Golden Eagle" saloon. He also discovers that members of the gang use old European coins with the date "1752" as identification.

In a raid on the hideout, Steve's brother Jim is killed by the gang. The next victim is Confederate Army Captain Clay Randolph who has discovered that Morel is connected with a group of Prussian spies who have been using the stolen gold to initially finance Prussia's wars but later to buy Alaska from the Russian Empire as a "club over Canada"; hed gives Steve a clue before he dies. The date 1752 of the recognition coins is explained as the date of Frederick the Great's Testament that supposedly gave instructions how Prussia would take over the world.

The clue leads Steve to a San Francisco dive owned by Abel Rackerby, who thinking he has Steve in his power, exposes the ring's activities and operation methods. Aided by the San Francisco Secret Service, Steve escapes and returns to Oro Grande where he and Idaho round up the spies.


  • Dennis Moore as Captain Steve Clark
  • Wanda McKay as Cathy Haines
  • Lionel Atwill as Erich von Rugen, alias Alex Morel
  • Joe Sawyer as Idaho Jones
  • Regis Toomey as Captain Clay Randolph
  • Virginia Christine as Countess Elsa von Merck, alias Trina Dressard
  • Eddy Waller as Doc Blair
  • Emmett Vogan as Count Manfried von Rinkton, alias Carl Lawton
  • Addison Richards as Colonel Sewell
  • Charles Wagenheim as Hugo Metzger, alias Abel Rackerby
  • Jack Ingram as Braddock, Confederate outlaw
  • Stunts

  • Frank McCarroll
  • Ken Terrell
  • Dale Van Sickel (including being the fight double for Dennis Moore)
  • Henry Wills
  • Critical reception

    Cline writes that Raiders of Ghost City had a "good cast and production values...It came off quite well."

    Chapter titles

    1. Murder by Accident
    2. Flaming Treachery
    3. Death Rides Double
    4. Ghost City Terror
    5. The Fatal Lariat
    6. Water Rising
    7. Bullet Avalanche
    8. Death Laughs Last
    9. Cold Steel
    10. Showdown
    11. The Trail to Torture
    12. Calling all Buckboards
    13. Golden Vengeance



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