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Ragout fin

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Type  Soup
Place of origin  France
Course  Entrée
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Main ingredients  Veal, sweetbread, calf brain, tongue, bone marrow, chicken breast, fish; vinegar stock or butter; roux, button mushrooms, egg yolks
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Ragout fin mit gemischten pilzen chefkoch

Ragout fin (French for fine ragout) is a time-consuming entrée. Its origin in France is not confirmed but the dish is also known in Germany as Würzfleisch, although use of the French name is more common nowadays.


Ragout fin Ragout fin Rezept mit Bild von darktiger Chefkochde

The main essence of Ragout fin consists of veal, sweetbread, calf brain, tongue and bone marrow, chicken breast and fish, everything boiled either in a vinegar stock or diced and stewed in butter. The second part is Roux, mixed with stewed button mushrooms and thickened with egg yolk.

Ragout fin Ragout FinWuerzfleiscgGefluegel Rezepte und Kochbuch Deutsche

Dice and sauce are mixed, heated in water and finally scalloped with Parmesan and butter. Some Worcestershire Sauce is usually added.

Ragout fin Pasteten mit Ragot Fin Lebensart im Markgrflerland

Today, Ragout fin is most likely to be found canned, being prepared significantly different from the original recipe. As substitute for veal, offal and fish, chicken puree, thickened with egg white is commonly used. After the late-1980s BSE epidemic, the use of calf brain has become unusual even in high-quality Ragout fin.

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