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Rade Malobabić

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Name  Rade Malobabic

Rade Malobabić (d. June 26, 1917) was a Serbian government operative. He was best known for helping the Black Hand in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is what initiated World War I.


Military career

Malobabić was a Serbian military intelligence operative who was stationed in Austria leading up to World War I. He also worked with the Serbian terrorist group, the Black Hand, which was the group that was responsible for assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Assassination of the Archduke

Malobabić was hired to organize the assassination of the Archduke and perform tasks such as smuggling weapons and providing information to other operatives that were a part of the mission to kill the Archduke. Although his job was not to directly kill the archduke, he played a major role in the first assassination attempt on June 28, 1914. Although the assassination failed, it was not Malobabić's fault. Instead, it was another operative’s error. Although he did not play a direct role in the actual assassination on June 28, he was linked to the original assassination attempt and, as a result, arrested. In 1915 Malobabić broke after being tortured and accused Apis of plotting the whole plan.


After Malobabić was freed from prison, Apis took him in and gave him a job as his aide. Soon after Apis was tried for the assassination of the Archduke, so was Malobabić. And on June 26, 1917 Malobabić and Apis were executed by firing squad. He was executed almost 3 years to the day to when the Archduke was assassinated.


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