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Country  Norway
County  Nord-Trøndelag
Municipality  Vikna
Area  176 ha
Local time  Saturday 10:58 PM
Region  Trøndelag
District  Namdalen
Elevation  4 m (13 ft)
Population  2,949 (2013)
Number of airports  1
Rørvik httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsee
Weather  7°C, Wind SW at 35 km/h, 99% Humidity

Rørvik is a port village in the municipality of Vikna in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The village also serves as the administrative centre of the municipality. It is on the eastern side of the Vikna archipelago on the island of Inner-Vikna. The 1.76-square-kilometre (430-acre) village has a population (2013) of 2,949. The population density of the village is 1,676 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,340/sq mi).


Map of 7900 R%C3%B8rvik, Norway

There are several museums in Rørvik and a hotel. Telenor Mobil is an important employer, as is public service, fishing, and commercial salmon fish farming. Rørvik is also home to the Ytre Namdal Upper Secondary School and Rørvik Church.


The town is located in the northwestern part of Nord-Trøndelag county in central Norway, approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of the city of Trondheim (320 kilometres or 200 miles by road). Rørvik lies at the eastern part of the Vikna archipelago, on the Inner-Vikna island at the western shore of the Nærøysundet strait, facing the mainland on the eastern shore of the strait. The climate is maritime, and many private gardens have plum and apple trees even here at a latitude of 65°N.


This area was early settled, and there are several prehistoric burial mounds. Among the rocky slopes and cliffs on the islands are many surprisingly lush lowland fields, and farming and fishing were the traditional ways of life, as they partly still are. The last decades have seen many people moving to Rørvik from other parts of the archipelago.


Rørvik is a port of call of the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, and the northbound and southbound ships meet in Rørvik in the evening. Vikna has been accessible by car from the mainland since 1981 when the Nærøysund Bridge and Marøysund Bridge on Norwegian County Road 770 was completed. The speedboat Namdalingen runs three times daily to Namsos, the regional center. Rørvik Airport, Ryum is located just south of Rørvik, and it serves the Vikna/Nærøy area.


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