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Birth name  Marty Brown
Role  Musical Artist
Also known as  StonedGiant
Movies  Prevertere
Name  Marty Brown
Occupation(s)  Rapper
Music group  Typical Cats
Years active  1998–present

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Origin  Chicago, Illinois, United States
Labels  Galapagos4 Frontline Entertainment Lefthouse Recordings Dirty Digital Infinite Entertainment
Albums  Bat Meets Blaine, Style Be the King
Genres  Underground hip hop, Alternative hip hop
Similar People  Batsauce, Qwel, Brian McGuire

Qwazaar & Batsauce - I'm Gone

Marty Brown, better known by his stage name Qwazaar, is an American underground hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Qwazaar is co-founder of the underground rap crew Typical Cats, with fellow MCs Denizen Kane and Qwel, and producers / DJs Kid Knish and DJ Natural. He is also a member of the group Outerlimitz, with rapper Hellsent and producer Silence. Qwazaar also collaborates with Silence under the name Dirty Digital, and has released several collaborative records with Florida-born, Berlin-based producer Batsauce.


Qwazaar httpsimgdiscogscomdDDoeBjt2o7FRszvAUeMx4IXih



  • Walk Thru Walls (2001)
  • Bat Meets Blaine (2011) (with Batsauce)
  • Typical Cats (Qwazaar with Denizen Kane, Qwel, DJ Natural & Kid Knish)

  • Typical Cats (2001)
  • Civil Service (2004)
  • 3 (2012)
  • Outerlimitz (Qwazaar with Hellsent & Silence)

  • Wrong Actions for Right Reasons (1998)
  • Suicide Prevention (2005)
  • EPs, mixtapes, compilations, singles


  • Walk Thru Walls (Revised Edition Tour EP) (2008)
  • Shockah (2009) (with Silence, as Dirty Digital)
  • Style Be the King (2011) (with Batsauce)
  • Stress Chasers (2014) (with Batsauce)
  • Mixtapes

  • Riverstyx Radio Vol. 1 (2009)
  • Digitape Side A (2010) (with Silence, as Dirty Digital)
  • Digitape Side B (2011) (with Silence, as Dirty Digital)
  • Remix albums

  • Walk Thru Walls / Fame Revise (2010)
  • Bat Meets Blaine: The Remixes (2012) (with Batsauce)
  • Compilations

  • Typical Bootlegs Vol. 1 (2004) (with Typical Cats)
  • Lost Prevention: Unreleased & B-Sides (2005) (with Outerlimitz)
  • Fun Razors, Rarities & Hits (2011)
  • Singles

  • "Desert Eagle / I Tried / T.T.G.P." (2001)
  • "Easy Cause It Is" (2004) (with Typical Cats)
  • "Packaged in Plastic / Hypnotic" (with Outerlimitz)
  • "Sodapopinski" (2008) (with Dirty Digital)
  • "I Know / Til It's Done" (2011) (with Batsauce)
  • References

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