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Qin Yiyuan

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Name  Qin Yiyuan

Final uber cup in hongkong lili t finarsih vs qin yiyuan tang yongshu set 1 star sports 1996

Qin Yiyuan (simplified Chinese: 秦艺源; traditional Chinese: 秦藝源; pinyin: Qín Yìyuán; born February 14, 1973) is a Chinese former world level women's badminton player.


Final uber cup di hongkong lili t finarsih vs qin yiyuan tang yongshu set 2 rcti 25 mei 1996


A doubles specialist, Qin played internationally for China from the mid-1990s through the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, a period during which her fellow countrywomen Ge Fei and Gu Jun dominated international women's doubles play. Qin won women's doubles at the 1997 Thailand Open with Tang Yongshu, at the 1998 Denmark Open with Tang Hetian, and at the 1999 Thailand, French, and Denmark Opens, and 2000 Swiss Open with Gao Ling. She was a bronze medalist at the 1995 IBF World Championships and a silver medalist at the 1997 IBF World Championships with Tang Yongshu. She earned a bronze medal again at the 1999 edition of the tourney with Gao Ling. Qin also earned bronze medals for women's doubles at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games, the first with Tang Yongshu and the second with Gao. She was a member of Chinese teams which captured the Uber Cup (women's world team competition and trophy) in 1998 and 2000.

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