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Qadirpur gas field

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Qadirpur gas field top 14 facts

Qadirpur gas field is one of the major gas reserves of Pakistan. The field is located at a distance of 8 km from Ghotki in Sindh Province.

Discovered in March 1990, it is a joint venture between Oil and Gas Development Company, KUFPEC Pakistan B.V., PKP Exploration Ltd (Premier Oil), PKP2 Exploration Ltd (KUFPEC) and Petroleum Pakistan Limited, each holding 75%, 8.5%, 4.75%, 4.75% and 7% respectively.

The Qadirpur gas field is currently one of OGDCL largest operated gas producing fields, accounting for 34%, 32% and 29% of OGDCL net gas production for 2012, 2013 and 2014, respectively. The field is located 8 km from Ghotki, 70 km northeast of Sukkur and 100 km east of Jacobabad in Sindh province. Gas production on this field commenced in September 1995 after the installation of gas gathering facilities and processing plants. Of the 70 wells that have been drilled at this field, 57 are currently producing wells. Six have been abandoned, five are shut-in and two are water disposal wells. For FY 2015-16, average net daily production at this field was 250.56 MMscfd of purified gas with 67 MMscfd of permeate gas. The field’s main customers are Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Company Limited, Engro Powergen Limited and Liberty Power Limited.

A gas processing facility of 600 MMscfd was installed at Qadirpur during 2006-7. In order to address declining reservoir pressures, gas compression facilities were being installed at the field to maintain sales gas supply at contractual delivery pressures.

The natural gas is purified by a membrane separation process that removes water vapor and carbon dioxide. The processing equipment was supplied by Honeywell’s UOP Separex™ Membrane Systems division. The process consists of ten trains of membrane skids, each containing many spiral-wound membrane elements.

During the second quarter of 2009-10, average daily sales from Qadirpur was 430 MMscfd purified gas and 25 MMscfd dehydrated gas, which was sold to SNGPL, 45 MMscfd raw gas sold to Liberty Power and 970 barrels of condensate. The field was developed in three phases, increasing its capacity to 500 MMSCFD from an initial 235 MMSCFD. A project was completed in December 2007, to enhance sales to 600 MMSCFD from 500. Development drilling at Qadirpur is continuing to maintain the gas supply to Southern Natural Gas PL.

In 2009, gas flow was declined to almost 380 MMSCFD from 600 MMSCFD. Thus a front end compression project was initiated to maintain the pressure of extracted gas and completed in 2011. As a part of project, 14 Waukesha engine driven Reciprocating compressors were installed by Valerus company. Later, 3 solar turbine driven centrifugal compressors were also installed which were previously working at Pirkoh gas field (Balochistan). These compressors increase the pressure of gas from 320 psi to 750 psi.

Later in 2010, Qadirpur gas field started supplying 67 MMSCFD of permeate gas to Engro powergen (previously Engro power limited).

With the passage of time, field is depleting and gas flow has been further declined to 320 MMSCFD in 2017.

Ownership group led by: Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL); Location: Qadirpur, Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan Completion Date: August 1995


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