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Py Bäckman

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Origin  Sweden
Name  Py Backman
Instruments  Pianoharmonica
Role  Musician

Years active  1973–present
Genres  Pop music
Music group  NQB (1973 – 1974)

Birth name  Py Marie Elisabet Ulrika Backman
Born  5 July 1948 (age 67) (1948-07-05)
Occupation(s)  artist singer songwriter
Albums  Sanger fran jorden till himmelen, Narrarna dansar
Similar People  Dan Hylander, Janne Bark, Mats Wester, Stefan Nilsson, Anne‑Lie Ryde

Jag lever - Py Bäckman (lyrics)

Py Marie Elisabet Ulrika Bäckman Wennborn (born 5 July 1948 in Stockholm) is a Swedish musician. She is a singer and songwriter of pop and rock for musicals and films. She also plays piano and harmonica.


Koppången by Pererik Moraeus arr. by Robert Sund Text by Py Bäckman


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Bäckman grew up in Iggesund (Gävleborg County) and started her career as a nine years old when she was discovered by a touring radio show. After that, she was called up by the Swedish TV show host, Lennart Hyland, and came down to Stockholm, where she made her TV debut in 1957. After the television appearance, she toured around and sang songs in various public parks. As a teenager she thought it was frivolous with songs and began instead with rock music.

Py Backman Melodifestivalen 1992 Lngt hrifrn Py Bckman YouTube

In 1973 she began touring across Europe as a lead singer with Sweden's girl rock group NQB. During the late 1970s and 1980s, she worked a lot with her formerly cohabited Dan Hylander. The couple shared the backing band Raj Montana Band with whom she had a breakthrough album, Sista Föreställningen. After the split in 1985 she continued as a solo performer. During her solo career she has, among other things, worked with producers as Clarence Öfwerman (former member of the Raj Montana Band and later producer of Roxette), Mats Wester and Micke Wennborn.

Py Backman Oh Mamma Py Bckman YouTube

In addition to her solo career Bäckman has also been very active as a songwriter for others and has worked with numerous artists. For example she wrote "Stad i ljus", which Tommy Körberg won with in The Swedish preselection for Eurovision Song Contest 1988, and since 2006 also is a Swedish hymn. 1993 began the collaboration with Mats Wester where the successful Swedish folk music group Nordman was created, and Bäckman were from the first beginning text writer in the team until 1998 when the group split. At a reunification in 2005 she turned down to continued cooperation, and was replaced by another songwriter.

Bäckman also wrote the text to the Swedish big hit "Gabriellas sång" ( Gabriella's song) in the Kay Pollak film As It Is in Heaven, Stefan Nilsson made the music (2004). She has also translated musicals such as Chicago, Evita, and Garbo. 2004 Bäckman wrote new hymns, an addition to the Swedish hymn book on behalf of the Swedish Church. She also made a Sweden-Finland tour for some time with the jazz legend Jukka Tolonen.

In 2010 Bäckman is up to date with a participation in the Swedish pre selection for Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Magic Star" (Swedish: "Magisk Stjärna"), written together with Micke Wennborn. She was noticed for being the only one playing an actual instrument [harmonica] live on stage in the Swedish pre selection since 1999, and also for being the only Swedish artist participating in the Swedish pre selection for 5 decades in a row.

In March, the double album P20Y10 was released, and was Bäckman’s ninth studio album. It was produced by Micke Wennborn, that also was included as guitar player in the band together with the line up of David Garfield keyboards, Leland Sklar bass, John JR Robinson drums and percussion. P20Y10 was recorded in Castle Oaks, Los Angeles, and engineered by Steve Sykes.

Studio albums

  • 1979 - Let it Ride
  • 1981 - Hard Wind Blows
  • 1983 - Sista föreställningen (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 1984 - Kvinna från Tellus (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 1986 - Narrarna dansar
  • 1987 - Natt 1001
  • 1991 - I rosornas tid
  • 2006 - När mörkret faller
  • 2010 - P20Y10
  • Live albums

  • 1982 - Belle De Jour (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 1984 - Tele-Gram Långt Farväl (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 2008 - Sånger från jorden till himmelen
  • Greatest hits albums

  • 1997 - Hits! 1980-97 (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 1998 - Svenska popfavoriter - 15 hits (with Raj Montana Band)
  • 2000 - Spotlight
  • Singles, maxi singles and remixes

  • 1981 - Fast Train's Running [B: For A loved One]
  • 1982 - Se Dagen Vakna [B: När Änglarna Dör]
  • Ge Mej Liv [B: Vem är Vem]
  • Kristall [B: Belle De Jour]
  • 1984 - Svindlande Höjder
  • 1986 - Camelot
  • 1986 - Con-Cordelia [B: Till Prydnad]
  • 1986 - Fred Nu [B: Soldaterna]
  • Framtiden Avgörs Nu [B: My Crime]
  • 1988 - Papa [B: Kung För Ett Gycklarhov]
  • 1988 - Du Är Vacker Johnny [B: Tysta Ljus]
  • 1988 - Speaking [bonus single with the album "Natt 1001"]
  • 1991 - [Om Du Vill] Leka [B: Bra Man]
  • 1991 - [Om Du Vill] Leka [B: Förlorat Paradis]
  • 1991 - När Blommorna Föll [B: Stenarna Fick liv Inatt]
  • 1991 - När Blommorna Föll [B: Förlorat Paradis]
  • 1992 - Långt Härifrån
  • 1997 - Pandoras Ask [B: Jag Lever]
  • 1997 - Änglarna Ropar I Mörkret
  • 2006 - Oh Mamma
  • 2006 - Kär I Kärlek
  • 2006 - När Helvetet Blir Kallt
  • 2009 - So Long Min Kära
  • 2009 - Tids-sången
  • 2010 - Magisk Stjärna
  • 2010 - Jag Är Fri
  • Songs

    Jag leverSista föreställningen · 1983
    Con-CordeliaNarrarna dansar · 1985
    Sista föreställningenSista föreställningen · 1983


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