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Provinces of Turkey

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81 Provinces

Republic of Turkey

Provinces of Turkey Map of Turkey and Provinces Turkish Travel Blog

74,412 (Bayburt) – 14,377,018 (Istanbul Province)

850 km (327 sq mi) (Yalova) – 38,260 km (14,771 sq mi) (Konya)

Provincial government, National government

Provinces of turkey

Turkey is divided into 81 provinces (Turkish: il/vilayet). Each province is divided into a number of different districts (ilçe). The provincial government is seated in the central district (merkez ilçe). The central area usually bears the name of the province (e.g. the city of Van is the central district of Van Province). There are only two exceptions to this naming scheme:


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  • Antakya of Hatay province
  • İzmit of Kocaeli province
  • A province is administered by an appointed governor (vali) from the ministry of interior.

    Provinces of turkey 2015

    List of provinces

    Below is a list of the 81 provinces of Turkey, sorted according to their license plate code. After Zonguldak (67) the ordering is not alphabetical but in the order of the creation of provinces, as these provinces were created more recently and thus their plate numbers were assigned thereafter.


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    The numbers of the ISO code, the first two digits of the vehicle registration plates of Turkey and the first digits of the postal codes in Turkey are the same. NUTS codes are different.

    Defunct provinces

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  • Çatalca, now part of Istanbul Province
  • Gelibolu, now part of Çanakkale Province
  • İçel (Silifke), now part of Mersin Province
  • Kozan, now part of Adana Province
  • Şebinkarahisar, now part of Giresun Province
  • Elazığ Madeni, now part of Elazığ Province
  • Genç, now part of Bingöl Province
  • Doğubeyazıt, now part of Ağrı Province
  • Siverek, now part of Şanlıurfa Province

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