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K. S. Adhiyaman



Drama, Family, Romance


Priyasakhi movie poster

Release date
14 April 2005 (2005-04-14)

K.S. Adiyaman (screenplay), K.S. Adiyaman (story), Rumi Jaffery (screenplay)

R. Madhavan, P. L. Thenappan, Singanamala Ramesh, S.M Venkat

Anbu Alaipayuthe

(Santhana Krishan), (Priya), ,
, ,
Prathap K Pothan

Priyasakhi tamil movie scenes madhavan ignores sadha madhavan sadha bharathwaj

Priyasakhi is a 2005 Tamil romance film directed by K. S. Adhiyaman and produced by P. L. Thenappan. The film stars Madhavan and Sadha in the leading roles, while Aishwarya, Ramesh Khanna, Manobala and Kovai Sarala feature in supporting roles. The film is a contemporary Indian take on life and pregnancy topics, and was also made in Hindi as Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar with Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty in the lead. Production began in December 2004 and the film was released in July 2005.


Priyasakhi movie scenes

Priyasakhi tamil movie scenes madhavan advices sadha madhavan sadha bharathwaj


Priyasakhi movie scenes

Sandhana Krishnan (Madhavan), also known as Sakhi, is an automobile company employee who lives in a joint family. He comes across a model named Priya (Sadha) and becomes attracted to her. He steals her diary and creates situations for them to come into contact with each other. Soon the two fall in love and get married. Unlike Sakhi's family, Priya's family is 'cosmopolitan' and outgoing. Her mother (Aishwarya) is a party going socialite, while her father (Pratap K. Pothen) restricts himself to his house and is ruled over by his wife. Priya is accustomed to going out with friends and does not spend much time with her family. Brought up in such a situation, Priya finds it hard to adjust to the family of Sakhi, since they are more traditional and homely. Sakhi tries to make his wife understand the importance of family but is unsuccessful. Eventually, Priya becomes pregnant. Sakhi overjoyed but Priya has doubts, as she feels she is too young to be a mother.

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Priya brings up her feeling of not wanting to be a mother with Sakhi. He tells her that he loves her and loves their unborn child and wants the pregnancy to go ahead. He also tells her that he has already informed his family about the baby. Priya is furious since she believes that Sakhi's family have no right to be involved in their life. Priya's mother makes an appointment for her to have an abortion. Sakhi finds out in time and rushes to the hospital where a reluctant Priya is being pulled towards the operation theatre by her mother. Priya is injured at the hospital in an accident and Sakhi takes her back to his home to recover. Priya finds her old diary in Sakhi's suitcase, and the two have an argument in which she accuses him of tricking her into loving him. She leaves to go to her parents' house and expresses her desire to get divorced, and also to have full custody of the child. Sakhi challenges her decision and takes her to court. The judge rules that Priya will have to have the baby after which, custody goes to Sakhi. Sakhi moves into Priya's parents' house with her in order to take care of his unborn child, claiming he doesn't trust them, as they might try to abort his baby. After delivery, Priya moves back in with Sakhi's family for a period of two months, to feed and care for the child. As time passes, Priya becomes extremely attached to the child and is unwilling to leave. She eventually agrees to give full custody to Sakhi since she sees how much he loves the baby.

Priyasakhi Balajis Thots Priyasakhi

Heartbroken, Priya leaves with her parents. In the car, her mother happily speaks of another possible husband for Priya. She is devastated since she still loves Sakhi and does not want to leave her baby. Finally fed up, Priya's father stands up to his wife and encourages Priya to reconcile with her husband. Priya jumps out of the car and stands on the road, unsure of what to do and where to go. Sakhi, who has been following them, meets her in the street. The two ask each other for forgiveness and reconcile.


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Adhiyaman began making a project titled Mujhse Shaadi Karogi in 2002, a romantic drama featuring Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty in the lead roles. The project's title was changed to Dil Chura Ke Chal Diye and then to the eventual title Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar and the film was completed within a year, though the producers delayed the film's release indefinitely. Delays meant that Adhiyaman chose to remake the film and release it swiftly in Tamil as Priyasakhi with a new cast, while he was still waiting for the Hindi film to have a theatrical release. The film was launched in December 2004 with R. Madhavan and Sadha revealed to be portraying the film's lead roles. Madhavan had a chance meeting with Adhiyaman in Mumbai, when the director revealed his intentions of making the film in Tamil. Sadha revealed that Madhavan had convinced her to play the role and had stated that only she could do full justice to the particular role of a young mother, prompting her to sign on for the project for 35 lakh rupees.

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The makers teamed up with several brands for product placement throughout the film, including scenes with brands like Sangini Diamonds, Chlor Mint, Kun Hyundai and Western Union Money Transfer. Midst-production, the project experienced delays with reports emerging of a fallout between the lead actor and producer. The team held discussions with Nikita Thukral for a further role in the film, but later opted not to include the role in the film. Production was subsequently completed during June 2005 and the team held an audio launch event at Abirami Mega Mall during the same month.


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The soundtrack features 6 songs composed by Bharadwaj.

  • Kangalinal - Harish Raghavendra, Janani
  • Oh Priyasakhi - Srinivas, Anuradha Sriram
  • Mudhal Murai - Hariharan
  • Mudhal Mudhal (Female) - Chithra
  • Chinna Magaraniye - Hariharan
  • Anbu Alaipayuthe - Karthik
  • Release

    The film opened to positive reviews in July 2005 with stating that the film was "worth a look", adding that "what works in favour of Priyasakhi is the palpable and terrific on-screen chemistry between the lead pair". wrote "Adhiyaman has not done anything new in his story and screenplay, but his characterization of roles is awesome", while also stating that the film has "an attractive look". also the gave a similar review, stating "Adhiyaman shows he can tell a family story without losing the essential tempo or interest and that is a difficult task in these low-attention span times".

    In November 2005, the film was dubbed and released in the Zulu language in South Africa, becoming the first ever Indian film to do so. Though the film did not perform well in India, it had a fifty-day run in South Africa.


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