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Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy

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Princess Beatrice

Princess Marie Béatrice of Savoy and Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon married civilly in the living room of the Palace Hotel “Camino Real” in Ciudad Juarez

2 February 1943 (age 81) Naples, Italy (

Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalan y Dillon (m. 1970)

Rafael Reyna-Corvalan y de SaboyaPatrizio Reyna-Corvalan y de SaboyaAzaea Reyna-Corvalan y de Saboya

Princess Marie-Jose of Belgium

Marie Jose of Belgium, Umberto II of Italy

Elena of Montenegro, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, Albert I of Belgium, Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Belgium

Umberto I of Italy, Margherita of Savoy

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Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy (born 2 February 1943) is the youngest daughter of Italy's last King, Umberto II, and his wife, Queen Marie José.


Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy leaning her head on the shoulder of Italian actor Maurizio Arena

How to say Maria Beatrice of Savoy and Maurizio Arena in English?


Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy in her wedding gown

Born Principessa Maria Beatrice Elena Margherita Ludovica Caterina Romana di Savoia, she was the third daughter as well as the fourth and last child of the Prince and Princess of Piedmont, known as "Titti" to family and friends. When she was three years old, her father ruled Italy as Umberto II for slightly over a month, from 9 May 1946 to 12 June 1946. The family was then exiled and briefly gathered in Portugal, where her parents decided to separate. She and her siblings went with their mother to Switzerland while their father remained in Portugal.

Marriage and children

Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy looking afar while wearing gown and jewelries

Princess Maria Beatrice attempted to marry Italian actor Maurizio Arena in 1967 but was prevented by her family, who filed a lawsuit claiming that she was mentally unfit to marry. The lawsuit was dropped in early 1968 when the relationship ended.

Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy while dancing with a man

Titti married Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon (born 18 April 1939 in Córdoba, Argentina – died 17 February 1999 in Cuernavaca, Mexico), son of Cesar Augusto Reyna-Corvalán and Amalia Maria Dillon Calvo, on 1 April 1970 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. They were also married in a religious ceremony on January 1971 in Córdoba, Argentina. They separated in 1995 and were divorced in 1998.

The couple had three children:

  • Rafael Humberto Lupo Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (born 21 September 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico, died 29 April 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts), engaged in a relationship with Margaret Beatty Tyler (b.1966) with whom he had one daughter born posthumously:
  • Uriel Tyler (1994)
  • Patrizio Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1971–1971), died shortly after birth.
  • Azaea Beatrice Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (born 11 November 1973 in New York City, USA), married Arturo Pando y Mundet (1973) in 1996 in Mexico. Now divorced and has one daughter:
  • Marie José Pando y Corvalán-Reyna (born 23 July 1996 in Mexico City, Mexico).
  • For some time, her mother lived with her and her children in Mexico.

    Her eldest son died, aged 23, on 29 April 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts, falling from the terrace of the building where he lived..

    Her ex-husband was murdered on 17 February 1999 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The Princess did not attend his funeral.


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