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Preta Gil

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Genres  Pop, MPB, R&B
Name  Preta Gil
Instruments  Vocalspercussion
Role  Singer
Years active  2003 – present
Children  Francisco Muller
Labels  Universal Music

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Born  August 8, 1974 (age 41) (1974-08-08)
Origin  Rio de Janeiro, CapitalBrazil
Occupation(s)  Singer-songwriterrecord producertelevision presenteractress
Spouse  Rodrigo Godoy (m. 2015), Carlos Henrique Lima (m. 2009–2013)
Parents  Gilberto Gil, Sandra Gadelha
Siblings  Isabela Gil, Bem Gil, Nara Gil, Maria Gil, Marilia Gil, Jose Gil, Pedro Gil
Similar People  Gilberto Gil, Anitta, Ivete Sangalo, Otavio Muller, Thiaguinho

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Preta Maria Gadelha Gil Moreira ([ˈpɾetɐ maˈɾiɐ ɡaˈdeʎɐ ˈʒiw moˈɾejrɐ]) (born August 8, 1974), known as Preta Gil ([ˈpɾetɐ ˈʒiw]), is a Brazilian singer and actress. She is the daughter of Gilberto Gil, a famous musician and former Minister of Culture in Brazil.


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Preta Gil Macabro Desejo toda a maldio para sua vida desejou um

In 1974, Preta Gil's father, the famous singer Gilberto Gil, went to a government office to register his daughter's name after his own mother's name. Upon arrival, the clerk informed him he was unable to register Preta as a name for his daughter. Gilberto Gil began to protest, "Why not? There's Branca (White), Clara (Clear) and Rosa (Rose) . . . why can't Preta (Black) be a name?". The clerk conceded, only if the child was registered along with a Catholic name. So Preta Gil was registered "Preta Maria".

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Preta lived in Rio, and at the age of one, she moved to Salvador. Her mother, Sandra, soon after had another daughter named "Maria". Gil always believed it was lack of creativity. She had an older brother, "Pedro", who was born in London, at the time of her father's famous exile from Brazil during the Military Dictatorship, along with friend and singer Caetano.

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Sandra's mother, was also the mother of Andréa Gadelha, known as Dedé wife of Caetano. In the situation faced, she believed her two daughters married crazy men. Gilberto Gil and Veloso were both exiled, went to live in London, and Preta's grandmother was left to raise the children. Preta has great admiration for her grandmother, who stood firm in a chaotic time in the family's life.

Since childhood she has had a very vivid imagination. She once had an imaginary puppy, when she was five. When her father was making a record in Los Angeles with Sergio Mendes, the family moved to California, where they lived for eight months. Preta's mother joked, calling the airplane that took them to L.A. as a slave ship, since she and the children were all black. Petra's siblings, Maria and Pedro, both had curly hair. Preta has straight hair. Caetano used to call her Filipina.

She was in Rio de Janeiro at the height of the 1980s. Bombando, Blitz, Paralamas, Barão Vermelho, Lulu Santos. The Brazilian music scene in the 1980s was something very striking. As a daughter of one of Brazil's music icons, Preta had backstage access to the craziness that made up that scene. "It all made me crazy, loved this environment, I felt comfortable. The stage was one thing that attracted me a lot.".

She wanted to be "Chacrete" (the famous TV show of Chacrinha) and every Saturday in the theater Fenix, the Botanical Garden. Preta's father, at that time, exploded in the charts, along with her uncle Veloso, and her godmother Gal Costa, who always went to the show Chacrinha. Preta would always beg her mother to ask her father, her uncle and even her godmother, who always went, to attend the tapings of the show. And one day, she was permitted to attend. She went into her uncle Caetano's dressing room, saw all the costumes, instruments and thought he was the male version of Carmen Miranda. When the taping began, she was in a corner and watched the magic happen. She loved Elke Maravilha a constant fixture in the show. That was the environment of the 1980s, effervescent, colorful, and full of life. This was when she also decided to be a singer and an actress. She would imitate her godmother, Gal Costa, as well as other reputable and talented singers and actresses like Rita Lee and Elba Ramalho, whom she loved and attended all her concerts.

2003–2004: The First CD "Prêt-à-Porter" and Controversy 'Naked' and Raw

The first studio album Preta Gil, entitled "Prêt-à Porter" was released in 2003. Preta took nude pictures for the cover and the booklet of the CD. The idea was for the singer, in particular, to feel reborn with that her first job, and how we are born naked, then declined as well.

When you finish the pictures, showed them the label. But soon it was alerted and asked if she was sure that, if you thought it would not cause any 'scandal'. Innocently, Preta said that since she had to include other singers on the disc, singers who were also naked on the covers of their CDs, and would not be a 'chest out' that would cause a controversy.

From there, the same time, Preta did an interview for Trippe. But like all media thought that Preta was in the clearance of wanting to spur, called her to make a sensual. Preta, very relaxed, loved it, because it has always been a dream of mine to do Playboy.

But Preta reveals that when she read the magazine of her interview, it was not exactly what she had said, because they had many questions to which her answers would be misunderstood and made her look bad. The interview came out in magazine with the release of her controversial CD, so it would have been another reason for the media to think that she was willing to appear.

In a TV interview just, GNT, the program Annoying "Fernanda Young", Preta Gil says, like fun and relaxed for the presenter, that if she were thin, with all certainty that fuss would not have happened.

2005–2010: The second CD "Preta", the tour "Noite Preta" and first DVD/Blu-ray/CD Live

The Preta Gil's second studio album, entitled Preta, was released in September 2005. The CD contained two songs, "Very Dangerous" and "You and Mene, You and Me", both released in 2005.

In 2008, Preta debuted her new tour, called "Noite Preta", where on October 20, 2009 recorded her first live DVD/Blu-ray, scheduled for release on July 17, 2010.

"I'm thinking about launching an extra DVD with only the prohibited. In my day to day, I'm very different from the "Preta Gil character, "one that people know the stage. Say the Preta woman from the stage is a more liberal without locks on the tongue, foul mouth like that," Preta told the EGO.

Waiting for the 2010 FIFA World Cup through the pre-release first live DVD/Blu-ray of Preta Gil was on July 17, 2010, in "Scala Rio," with a big party.

With the packed house at "The Week Rio", and an audience of about three thousand people, Gil celebrated the anniversary of her show and pre-release of his DVD/Blu-ray which hits stores in August: "It's eight-year career and three of them working on this show. Today I am an artist mature and aware enough of my segment. I have a wonderful staff and very nice experience every minute with this whole situation," Preta told the EGO during a conversation in the dressing room.

2013–present: 10 Years Career & Recording their 2nd DVD/Blu-ray Live

Preta Gil celebrated 10 years of career with burning the DVD/Blu-ray, Bloco da Preta, which took place on the evening of Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at "Citibank Hall" in Rio de Janeiro. With a mix of Brazilian rhythms ranging from pop to swing, passing through funk, axé, pagode and samba, the show had the participation of Lulu, Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, Israel and Thiago Novaes and had three hours of duração. Some songs had to be repeated due to the raspy voice of singer and errors in some letters. Master Pablo in front of the battery "Black Power" with 10 drummers and dancers on stage gave a special glow to the show .

"Every singer dreams about it, with this mega production. I am very happy" said Preta, who despite having taken a physical therapist did not care about the knee problem, jumped high heels and used during the presentation said. " Only now can"

During Carnival 2014, South Korean singer, Psy, will sing alongside the Preta Gil, also, besides singing alongside Claudia Leitte integrates the programming of "Varanda Elétrica" the cabin "Expresso 2222".

For Carnival 2014, Preta Gil is to schedule more crowded than ever. Altogether, Gil will perform 19 shows over 15 days. Your street block in the Marvelous City, the "Bloco da Preta" (Preta's Block), is the third largest in the Rio de Janeiro and has already reached concentrate to 2.5 million people in the streets. To account for so much work, the singer is staffed by a team of diverse professionals. "Before he was afraid of wardrobe, shoe, every detail. Caused me pain Everything. Had remedy, analgesic and ice packs waiting for me at the exit of each show. Had two knee injuries in 2010 and 2012 carnivals. Today learned to delegate responsibility and caring for me. I osteopath, physiotherapist, Rodrigo (groom) as personal , speech therapist. useless But not so many people taking care of me if I did not care for it myself", she says, who claims not to leave more heavy routine interfere with your health.


  • 2008–2011: Noite Preta
  • 2012-present: Baile da Preta
  • Block carnival

  • 2009–present: Bloco da Preta
  • TV Works

    Presenter & Cast
  • 2010: Vai e Vem - (GNT)
  • 2005: Caixa Preta - (Band)
  • 2012: The Voice Brasil
  • 2012–present: Esquenta!
  • 2013: Fantástico
  • Online Radio
  • 2010: Noite Preta FM
  • Actress
  • 2010: As Cariocas
  • 2010: Ti Ti Ti
  • 2009: Caminho das Índias
  • 2008: Ó Paí, Ó
  • 2008: Os Mutantes - Caminhos do Coração
  • 2007: Caminhos do Coração
  • 2003: Agora É que São Elas
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