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Potol Kumar Gaanwala

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musical Drama

Directed by
Swarnendu Samaddar

Created by
Voices of
Aruna Das

Written by

Sudip Paul

Hiya Dey Saheb Chatterjee Swagata Mukherjee Bhaskar Banerjee

The poster of Potol Kumar Gaanwala, a Bengali soap opera

Jhanjh Lobongo Phool, Ke Apon Ke Por, Kanamachi (TV series)

Potol Kumar Gaanwala Song

Potol Kumar Gaanwala (Bengali: পটল কুমার গানওয়ালা); is a hugely popular Bengali television Soap Opera that premiered on December 14, 2015 and airs on Star Jalsha. Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, it stars Hiya Dey as main child protagonist and Saheb Chatterjee as main male protagonist.


A girl Potol from Potol Kumar Gaanwala wearing a yellow dress and sitting on the stairs

Plot summary

Potol Kumar Gaanwala follows the journey of a young singing prodigy Potol, who sets out to find her father, Sujon. After the death of her mother, Subhaga, Poteshwari fondly called as Potol decides to fulfill her mother's dream; Potol becoming a greater singer than Sujon. She cuts her hair and dresses as a boy. After some adventures on the streets, destiny brings her to Sujon’s house. However, Sujon’s second wife, Aditi and her daughter, Tulika better knkw as Tuli(not Sujon's child) don't like Potol at all. Because of one of their misdeeds, Potol ends up in the hospital where she meets her uncle, Nando and he tells her that Sujon is her father. After she recovers, she goes back to Sujon’s house. Sometime after this, Sujon hires a governess to take care of Tuli but later finds out her name is Subhaga, like his first wife . Meanwhile, Potol starts to call Subhaga her "Soyi Ma" as she reminds Potol of her mother and Subhaga too loves Potol very much. When Aditi finds out the governess is called Subhaga she starts to think Sujon loves Subhaga and not her. Aditi forces Subhaga and Potol to get out of the house. They end up meeting Ranjit, Sujon’s former best friend and Tuli's real father. Ranjit adopts Potol and takes her to an audition where it was declared that she shall both sing and act in the film they were shooting. Even though, Potol loves Ranjit, Subhaga does not, because he was her ex fiancé but he betrayed her just as Sujon had betrayed Potol’s real mother. In Ranjit's house, Angkita, Ranjit's sister-in-law does not like Potol and tries to get Potol and Subhaga out of the house.


It was a hugely popular Bengali television serial which aired on Star Jalsha in 2015.

It is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

The serial has Hiya Dey and Saheb Chatterjee in lead roles.


==Pordeshori (Potol) Mollick==- mainly called Potol, is an innocent and kind child singing prodigy. After her mother's death, she goes in search of her father in order to fulfill her mother's dreams of Potol becoming a singer greater than her father. She wants Sujon to believe that she is her daughter.

==Sujon Mollick==- is a famous singer, who, unwillingly, betrayed his first wife (although he loves her dearly) and remarried Aditi. He wasn't to believe that Potol is his daughter.

==Shubhaga Chakraborty==- is a mother-like figure to Potol, and Potol calls Shubhaga her "Shoy Ma" which means "mother's friend". She loves Potol as if she were her own daughter.

==Aditi Mollick==- is cruel, cold and vain. She doesn't want Sujon to find out that Ranjit was her former husband. She was the woman who killed Potol's real mother/ Sujon's dear wife. Her main goal is that Potol doesn't hold any contact with her and Sujon's relationship. She forced Sujon to marry her because of his wealth.

==Tuli Mollick (Banerjee)==- is Potol's stepsister. Tuli is jealous of Potol and she is always trying to make sure Potol doesn't take her spotlight. She is actually Ranjit's daughter, but knows Sujon to be her father.

==Ranjit Banerjee==- is Aditi’s former husband and was Sujon’s best friend. He gets angry easily, but has a good heart. He was betrayed by Aditi, who left him without a wife or daughter, Tuli.

==Rashmoni==-is Potol’s uncle Nando's wife and Potol’s aunt, who can't stand Potol.

==Deepa Mollick==- Sujon’s sister in law and Chandan's wife.

==Chandan Mollick==- Sujon’s elder brother and Deepa's husband.

==Sujonhera Mollick==- Sujon’s religious and elderly mother. She is willing to do anything for her son's good.

==Nando==- Potol’s uncle. Potol's mother's brother.

==Ratan==- a kidnapper who wants to kidnap Potol but fails. (Not important)

==Sotyabati==- is a famous street singer and the founder of the Kamini Opera. (Not important)

==Tamali==- is Aditi’s mother. Always by her side in her plans to make Potol's life miserable.

==Shubhaga==(Potol’s real mother)- Potol’s real mother who had died in a car accident (caused by Aditi) before Potol went to search for Sujon. She remains in Sujon's and Potol's memories.

Main Cast

  • Hiya Dey as Poteshwari Mallick / Potol Kumar
  • Saheb Chatterjee as Sujon kumar Mallick/Choto Babu/Chotku
  • Adrija Roy as Subhaga/Soyi Ma/Ma'am/Bhalo Mashi
  • Tramila Bhattacharya as Aditi/Rani Ma/Kharap Mashi/Rani Shaheba
  • Sinchana as Tulika / Tuli/Tulimadam/Tulima
  • Bhaswar Chatterjee as Ranjit Banerjee/ Ragi Babu
  • Secondary Cast

  • Swagata Mukherjee as Rashmoni/Mami
  • Rohit Mukherjee as Nando/Mamu/Mama
  • Chhanda Chatterjee as Sujonhera/Thammi/Thakurma
  • Kaushiki Guha as Deepa/Bhalo Ma/Jemma
  • Bhaskar Banerjee as Chandan/Bhalo Babu/Jethu/Boro Khoka
  • Sumantra Mukherjee as Sujon’s Father In Law
  • Manasi Sinha as Tamali/ Didu
  • Riyanka Dasgupta as Aditi’s Sister
  • Subrato Guha Roy as Batabyal
  • Anindita Roy Choudhury as Subhaga/Maa(Potol’s real mother)(DEAD)
  • Debranjan Nag as Ratan
  • Nayana Palit as Sotyabati/Bostomi/Bostomi Mashi/Sotya
  • as Ankita
  • Supporting cast

  • Mallika Ghosh
  • Dolon Roy
  • Riya Ganguly Chakraborty
  • Pallabi Mukherjee
  • Mafin Chakrabarty
  • Saon Dey
  • Ratna Ghoshal
  • Devraj Mukherjee
  • Mishtu Mukherjee as Malati
  • Shiv Arun as Mr . Choudhury
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