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Port of Naples

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Country  Italy
Type of harbor  Natural/Artificial
Land area  142.6 ha (1.426 sq km)
Location  Naples
Size of harbor  266 ha (2.66 sq km)
Port of Naples landallearsnetblogslauragilbreathmed501jpg
Owned by  Port Authority of Naples
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The Port of Naples is one of the largest Italian seaports and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin having an annual traffic capacity of around 25 million tons of cargo and 500,000 TEU's.


Map of Porto di Napoli, Italy

The port is also an important employer in the area having more than 4,800 employees that provide services to more than 64,000 ships every year.

General information

The Port of Naples is situated in the centre of Naples, very close to the central Piazza Municipio, near Piazza|Piazza Garibaldi (FS and MN terminals) and about 15 km (9.3 mi) from Naples Airport.


In 2007 the Port of Naples handled 20,269,163 tonnes of cargo and 460,812 TEU's making it one of the busiest cargo ports in Italy and one of the largest container ports in the country.


Container terminal

The terminal has a storage capacity of 1,336,000 m2, 70 mooring places, 11.5 km of docks and an annual traffic capacity of around 500,000 TEU's.

Commercial cargo

The commercial cargo section of the port has four terminals: one for timber, one for cellulose and two for cereals with a total storage area of 75,000 m2 (810,000 sq ft) (35,000 sq m for timber and cellulose and 40,000 sq m for cereals).

Automobile terminal

The Port of Naples has one RoRo terminal with a total length of 850 m, a land area of 120,000 m2, storage capacity of 8,000 cars and a transshipment capacity of 900,000 units per year. The daily traffic with Sicily alone is 700 vehicles per day.

In 2007 the RoRo terminal handled 370,000 trucks and 475,000 cars.

Passenger terminal

The Port of Naples is one of the largest passenger ports in Italy and one of the largest passenger ports in Europe with a total traffic of 8,988,056 people in 2007.

The cruise terminal has ten mooring places, seven mobile walkways, 12 computerised check-in desks and an annual traffic capacity of around 1.5 million passengers.


The shipyards are an important part of the Port of Naples. The structures of the ports shipyards consist of 3 brick-built docks and 4 floating docks.

The sector involves four large companies and 60 small workshops which undertake ship repairs, that have a total number of 2,000 employees and a turnover over US$ 200 million.


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