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Porečka (river)

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Basin size  538 km (208 sq mi)
Source  Liškovac
Country  Serbia
Length  50 km
Mouth  Danube
Main source  Liškovac mountain, east of Majdanpek, Serbia (as Šaška)
River mouth  Danube, near Donji Milanovac, Serbia

The Porečka reka is a river in eastern Serbia, a 50 km-long right tributary to the Danube in the Đerdap gorge. It originates from two headstreams, the Šaška and the Crnajka rivers, which meet at the village of Miloševa Kula.


Map of Pore%C4%8Dka reka, Serbia


The Crnajka river, the shorter but natural headstream, originates from the central west slopes of the Deli Jovan mountain, and flows to the north, next to the villages of Tanda and Crnajka, in the valley between the Deli Jovan to the east and Veliki Krš and Mali Krš mountains to the west.

The Šaška river, the longer headstream (17 km), originates from the northern slopes of the Liškovac mountain, under the mountain's highest peak, Veliki Liškovac, east of the town of Majdanpek. The river flows to the south, curving around the western side of the Liškovac mountain and the northern slopes of the Mali Krš mountain, next to the oldest copper mine in Europe and once prosperous mining village of Rudna Glava. It meets the Crnajka in the narrow valley between the southern Liškovac and northern Deli Jovan mountains, at the village of Miloševa Kula, forming the Porečka reka.


For the remaining 23 km the river flows under the name of Porečka reka, diving in two the narrow valley and region of Poreč (Serbian for land alongside the river or river valley). The river continues Crnajka's northerly direction between the mountains of Liškovac (on the west) and Veliki Greben (on the east).

The major settlements on the river are the villages of Klokočevac, Topolnica and Mosna, and the small town of Donji Milanovac (in medieval times also called Poreč) near the river's mouth into the Danube in the Đerdap gorge. After the construction of the Đerdap hydro electrical dam, the river flows into the artificial lake Đerdap, and the flooded final section of the Porečka reka today forms a small bay of the lake.

The Porečka reka drains an area of 538 km², belongs to the Black Sea drainage basin and it is not navigable.


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