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Pomacentrus coelestis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Perciformes
Genus  Pomacentrus
Higher classification  Pomacentrus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Pomacentridae
Scientific name  Pomacentrus coelestis
Rank  Species
Pomacentrus coelestis fishesofaustralianetauImagesImagePomacentrCoe
Similar  Pomacentrus, Pomacentridae, Chromis notata, Chrysiptera cyanea, Threespot dascyllus

Soft coral neon damselfish pomacentrus coelestis at tulamben bali

Pomacentrus coelestis (neon damselfish) is a species of damselfish in the family Pomacentridae. It is found in the Indo-Pacific. It can grow to a maximum size of 9 centimetres (3.5 in) in length. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.


Pomacentrus coelestis Neon Damsel Pomacentrus coelestis Jordan amp Starks 1901

neon damselfish heavenly damselfish pomacentrus coelestis

Distribution and habitat

Pomacentrus coelestis Pomacentrus coelestis alias Blue Damsel Hippocampus Bildarchiv

This fish is found in the Indo-Pacific. In the Indian Ocean, they are found in Sri Lanka, the Andaman Sea, Indonesia, and Australia. In the Pacific Ocean, they are found in Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and Pacific islands all the way to Hawaii. They are found in depths of 1 to 20 metres (3.3 to 65.6 ft). Adults are found in coral reefs and lagoons.


Pomacentrus coelestis pomacentruscoelestisjpg

Adults can grow to a maximum size of 9 centimetres (3.5 in). They have 13 dorsal spines, 13 to 15 dorsal soft rays, 2 anal spines, and 14 to 15 anal soft rays. This fish is blue.


This fish feeds on zooplankton and benthic algae.


Pomacentrus coelestis Pomacentrus coelestis

Juveniles school above soft corals while adults are found in small of large aggregations over their favorite parts of the reef.

Pomacentrus coelestis AquaticLog stock by dgwyn Added Blue amp Gold Damselfish Pomacentrus
Pomacentrus coelestis Pomacentrus coelestis


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