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Polystichum vestitum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Class  Pteridopsida
Family  Dryopteridaceae
Scientific name  Polystichum vestitum
Division  Pteridophyta
Order  Polypodiales
Genus  Polystichum
Rank  Species
Polystichum vestitum Polystichum vestitum Wikipedia
Similar  Cyathea cunninghamii, Blechnum discolor, Cyathea smithii, Leptopteris, Dicksonia fibrosa

Bowdens fern polystichum vestitum

Polystichum vestitum, commonly known as the prickly shield fern, is a hardy, evergreen or semi-evergreen ground fern.



Polystichum vestitum TERRAIN Taranaki Educational Resource Research Analysis

Polystichum vestitum is a terrestrial fern with an erect and scaly rhizome, sometimes forming a short trunk and growing up to 700 mm in height. The fronds are 220–600 mm long. There are 3–7 (usually 5) round sori on each pinnule, halfway between the margin and midrib, with a light brown indusium.

Distribution and habitat

Polystichum vestitum Polystichum vestitum and Millie BPS Website

The fern is native to the three principal islands of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, as well as to New Zealand’s subantarctic Snares, Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell Islands, and to Australia’s Macquarie Island.

Macquarie Island

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On Macquarie it dominates the fernbrake communities which typically occur on the eastern, leeward side of the island on valley slopes and sheltered valley floors. Although it can form dense stands in which few other plants will grow, more commonly it is found in conjunction with Stilbocarpa polaris, Poa foliosa and Pleurophyllum hookeri. The fern is seriously affected by rabbit grazing.

Polystichum vestitum Polystichum vestitum Prickly Shield Fern Friends of Te Henui
Polystichum vestitum Polystichum vestitum New Zealand Plant Conservation Network
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Polystichum vestitum Wikipedia

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