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Podarcis tauricus

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Reptilia
Family  Lacertidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Squamata
Genus  Podarcis
Podarcis tauricus Podarcis tauricus syn Podarcis taurica Balkan Wall Lizard photo
Similar  Balkan green lizard, Erhard's wall lizard, Podarcis, Ablepharus kitaibelii, Darevskia praticola

Podarcis tauricus eating

Podarcis tauricus, the Balkan wall lizard, is a common lizard in the family Lacertidae native to south eastern Europe and Asia Minor. It is a terrestrial species found in steppe, grassland, olive groves, cultivated land, meadows, rural gardens, sparsely vegetated sand dunes and scrubby areas.


Podarcis tauricus i homoki gyik soparla de iarba balkan wall lizard


Podarcis tauricus TrekNature Podarcis tauricus Photo

The Balkan wall lizard grows to a snout-to-vent length of about 8 cm (3.1 in) with a tail twice as long as this. It is a sturdy deep-headed lizard somewhat resembling a small green lizard. The basic colour is bright green in spring, fading to an olive-green olive-brown in summer. The markings are somewhat variable but may consist of two narrow, pale-coloured dorso-lateral stripes with the central part of the back brownish with black patches. The underparts are white and unblotched, but breeding males develop yellow, orange or red underparts and green throats.


Podarcis tauricus bpo natura Podarcis tauricus Balkan Wall Lizard

South-west Ukraine, Crimea Peninsula, eastern and southern Romania, south-east Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, mainland Greece, the Ionian Islands, Thassos, western Turkey (Thrace and north western Anatolia), Albania and southern Moldova.

Habitat and Ecology

Podarcis tauricus is largely a terrestrial lizard inhabiting open areas of grassland such as steppe, meadows and field edges, also in olive groves, traditional farm land, rural gardens, sand dunes with sparse vegetation and occasionally in open scrub.

Females lay two clutches, of between two and ten eggs each, in a year.


Three subspecies are recognised

  • Podarcis tauricus tauricus
  • Podarcis tauricus ionicus
  • Podarcis tauricus thasopulae
  • Conservation Status

    Podarcis tauricus Image Podarcis tauricus BioLibcz

    The Balkan wall lizard is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as being of "least concern". This is because it is a common species wherever there is suitable habitat within its range.

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