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Phoxinus karsticus

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Actinopterygii
Family  Cyprinidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Cypriniformes
Genus  Phoxinus
Similar  Parachondrostoma turiense, Pelasgus stymphalicus, Phoxinus bigerri, Pelasgus, Delminichthys adspersus

Phoxinus karsticus Bianco & De Bonis, 2015, is a small, cold water adapted cyprind fish, endemic of the Popovo-Polje karstic area of Bosnia-Erzegovina in western Balkanic area



Phoxinus karsticus distinguished from others Phoxinus from Italy and Western Balkans by the high number of scales in longitudinal series 81-86, and number of circumpeduncular scales, 40-42, but also for the size reached of about 91 mm of TL. Males have patches of breast scales well developed and united in their third front. Dorsal fin has three simple rays followed by 7-8 branched rays; 8 branched rays only seldom were found in. The pharyngeal teeth formula from left bone is 5.2 or 4.2. One other character useful to distinguish the species, but not unique are, the position, the anterior origin of anal fin placed in advance of vertical through posterior insertion of dorsal fin, reaching the level of the fifth or sixth branched rays of the dorsal fin. Body quite elongate when compared with others species from western Balkans; dorsal profile, straight or moderately convex; dorsal profile of the head and snout slightly convex; snout pointed its dorsal profile is in continuum with that of the head and back; mouth slightly subterminal; eye diameter less than prerbital distance. Dorsal fin with 3 simple and 7-8 branched rays; free margin of dorsal fin straight to slightly convex. Anal fin with three simple and 7 branched rays; free margin of anal fin straight or slightly convex. Apparently the length of anal fin equal in both sex. Pectoral fin rounded with one simple and 14-15 branched rays; in males it is longer and stronger than females; pelvic fin with one simple followed by 7 branched rays; lateral line incomplete with 40-42 pored scales.

Colour pattern

The general colour pattern in preserved specimen, is yellowish with more or less evident stripe or vertical bands. The longitudinal stripe is faintly marked or confused by 14-16 vertical darker bars. All fins are almost colourless, with few scattered melanophores.

Distribution and habitat

Phoxinus karsticus is probably endemic to the Karstic Popovo Polje-Trebinje endorheic river system.

Derivatio nominis

From the karstic area of Popovo Polje placed in westernmost area of Bosnia- Erzegovina reg


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