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Pevensey Levels

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Grid reference  OSGRIDREF
Area of search  East Sussex
Notification  1977
Interest  Biological
Designated as world heritage site  2 February 1999
Pevensey Levels Albert Vidler

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The area known as the Pevensey Levels is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is an area of English marshland situated in East Sussex between Bexhill in the east, Pevensey in the west and Hailsham in the north. The site covers an area of 8,650.9 acres (3,500.9 ha).


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Hailsham overlooking pevensey levels 2012

Nature reserve

Pevensey Levels Pevensey Levels Simon Carey Geograph Britain and Ireland

The area is a conservation area owned jointly by Natural England and the Sussex Wildlife Trust. There are many nationally rare plants and invertebrates, including the fen raft spider. The site is very fragile and general access is not permitted

Physical influences

Pevensey Levels Grazing alpacas Pevensey Levels Sussex John Winfield Geograph

At the end of the last glaciation, about 10,000 years ago, rising sea-levels flooded the lower reaches of the numerous coastal river valleys in the Pevensey area. This resulted in the creation of a tidal estuary with a wide bay. The present Levels were under water.

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Over hundreds of years, the Levels gradually changed from saltmarsh to reedy meadows although much of the area was still under water as recently as 700 to 800 years ago.

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