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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Cystiscidae
Scientific name  Persicula
Higher classification  Cystiscidae
Superfamily  Muricoidea
Subfamily  Persiculinae
Phylum  Mollusca
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Gastropods, Persicula cingulata, Marginella, Molluscs, Gibberula

Persicula is a taxonomic genus of minute to small predatory sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks. It includes several species which are micromollusks.


Persicula Persicula persicula

This genus is placed in the family Cystiscidae. It was previously in the family Marginellidae the margin snails. Both families are within the clade Neogastropoda.

Persicula Persicula cingulata

(Note: Gastropod taxonomy has been in flux for more than half a century, and this is especially true currently, because of new research in molecular phylogeny. Because of all the on-going changes, different reliable sources can yield very different classifications.)

Persicula Persicula persicula


Species in this genus live from the intertidal zone to 370 m in depth.

Shell description

In this genus the shell is minute to small. It can be uniformly colored or white, and the color can be patterned. The shell is moderately thick to thick. The spire is usually immersed. The lip of the aperture is thickened, and weakly to strongly lirate.

An external varix can be present or absent. There is a distinct siphonal notch present and a posterior notch is also present. The columella is multiplicate, with 4 to 13 plications plus parietal lirae.

Description of soft parts

The animal has long tentacles, and the siphon is also usually long. The mantle appears not to extend completely over the external shell surface.

Type species of the genus

P. variabilis Schumacher, 1817 = Voluta persicula Linné, 1758


The separation between the genera Persicula and Gibberula is not well-defined. It is based on morphological differences with the larger species (showing a complex color pattern) belonging to Persicula, while the smaller species (showing a banded or uniform color pattern) belong to Gibberula. Many species with characteristics that fall between the two extremes, are ambiguous. Up to now (2010) there is no phylogenetic analysis to substantiate this rather arbitrary classification.

According to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), the following species with valid names are included within the genus Persicula :

  • Persicula bagne Faber, 2006
  • Persicula bahamasensis Petuch, 2002
  • Persicula bandera Coan & Roth, 1965
  • Persicula calculus Redfield, 1870
  • Persicula canaryensis (Clover, 1972)
  • Persicula chrysomelina Redfield, 1848
  • Persicula cingulata (Dillwyn, 1817)
  • Persicula cordorae Jong & Coomans, 1988
  • Persicula cornea (Lamarck, 1822)
  • Persicula frumentum Sowerby II, 1832
  • Persicula hennequini Boyer, Neefs & Wickfield, 1998
  • Persicula interruptolineata Muhlfeld, 1816
  • Persicula maculosa (Kiener, 1834)
  • Persicula maldiviana Cossignani, 2001
  • Persicula masirana Roth & Petit, 1972
  • Persicula multilineata Sowerby II, 1846
  • Persicula muralis Hinds, 1844
  • Persicula obesa Redfield, 1846
  • Persicula persicula (Linné, 1758) T
  • Persicula porcellana Gmelin, 1791
  • Persicula pulchella Kiener, 1830
  • Persicula pulcherrima Gaskoin, 1849
  • Persicula quemeneri Cossignani, 2001
  • Persicula sagittata Hinds, 1844
  • Persicula thomensis Tomlin, 1918
  • Persicula vanpeli Moolenbeek & van der Bijl, 2008
  • Persicula weberi Olsson & McGinty, 1958
  • The following species are mentioned in the database gastropods.com :

  • Persicula accola Roth & Coan, 1968
  • Persicula adamsiana Pilsbry & Love, 1932
  • Persicula albomaculata May, 1911
  • Persicula blanda Hinds, 1844 : synonym of Persicula cornea blanda (Hinds, 1844)
  • Persicula brinkae Bozzetti, 1993 : synonym of Gibberula brinkae (Bozzetti, 1993)
  • Persicula bulbulina Locard
  • Persicula cassidiforme Gaskoin, 1853 : synonym of Pachybathron cassidiforme (Gaskoin, 1853)
  • Persicula catenata Montagu, 1803 : synonym of Gibberula catenata (Montagu, 1803)
  • Persicula cypraeoides Adams, 1845 : synonym of Pachybathron cypraeoides (Adams, C.B., 1845)
  • Persicula danilai Bozzetti, 1992
  • Persicula deburghi A. Adams, 1864
  • Persicula denansiana Ancey, 1881
  • Persicula fluctuata Adams, 1850 : synonym of Gibberula fluctuata (Adams, 1850)
  • Persicula hilli Smith, 1950
  • Persicula imbricata Hinds, 1844
  • Persicula kienerianum Petit, 1838 : synonym of Pachybathron kieneriana (Petit de la Saussaye, S., 1838)
  • Persicula persiculocingulata Tournier, 1997 : synonym of Persicula persicula (Linnaeus, C., 1758)
  • Persicula phrygia Sowerby III, 1846
  • Persicula rashafuni Bozzetti, 1993
  • Persicula robusta Sowerby III, 1904
  • Persicula shepstonensis Smith, 1906
  • Persicula tayrona Diaz & Velasquez, 1987: synonym of Pachybathron tayrona Díaz, J.M. & Velasquez, 1987
  • Persicula testai Bozzetti, 1993

  • Persicula


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