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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Dipentodontaceae
Higher classification  Celastraceae
Order  Huerteales
Scientific name  Perrottetia
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Perrottetia multiflora, Perrottetia excelsa

Perrottetia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Dipentodontaceae described as a family in 1824. Species occur in China, Southeast Asia, Papuasia, Hawaii, Australia, and Latin America.



This genus is sometimes placed in the staff vine family, Celastraceae.

Species and subspecies

accepted taxa
  • Perrottetia alpestris (Blume) Loes. - insular Southeast Asia, Papuasia, Queensland
  • subsp. moluccana (Blume) Ding Hou
  • subsp. philippinensis (S.Vidal) Ding Hou
  • Perrottetia arisanensis Hayata - Yunnan, Taiwan
  • Perrottetia caliensis Cuatrec. - Colombia
  • Perrottetia calva Cuatrec. - Colombia
  • Perrottetia colorata R.Sánchez & Fern.Alonso - Colombia
  • Perrottetia distichophylla Cuatrec. - Colombia
  • Perrottetia excelsa Lundell - Panama
  • Perrottetia gentryi Lundell - Colombia, Peru, Bolivia
  • Perrottetia guacharana R.Sánchez & Fern.Alonso - Colombia
  • Perrottetia lanceolata H.Karst. - Venezuela
  • Perrottetia longistylis Rose - S Mexico, Central America
  • Perrottetia maxima Cuatrec. - Colombia
  • Perrottetia multiflora Lundell - from Costa Rica to Peru
  • Perrottetia ovata Hemsl. - C + S Mexico
  • Perrottetia quinduensis Kunth - Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia
  • Perrottetia racemosa (Oliv.) Loes. - S China
  • Perrottetia sandwicensis A.Gray – Olomea or Waimea - Hawaii
  • Perrottetia sessiliflora Lundell - Chiapas, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Perrottetia simplicissima R.Sánchez & Fern.Alonso - Colombia
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