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Paramecium bursaria

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Domain  Eukaryota
Genus  Paramecium
Phylum  Ciliophora
Rank  Species
Family  Parameciidae
Scientific name  Paramecium bursaria
Higher classification  Paramecium
Order  Peniculid
Paramecium bursaria Phycokey Paramecium images

Similar  Paramecium, ciliate, Paramecium aurelia, Paramecium caudatum, Zoochlorella

Paramecium bursaria

Paramecium bursaria is a species of ciliates that has a mutualistic endosymbiotic relationship with green algae called Zoochlorella. The algae live inside the Paramecium in its cytoplasm and provide it with food, while the Paramecium provides the algae with movement and protection. P. bursaria is 80-150 μm long, with a wide oral groove, two contractile vacuoles, and a single micronucleus as well as a single macronucleus. P. bursaria is the only species of Paramecium that forms symbiotic relationships with algae, and it is often used in biology classrooms both as an example of a protozoan and also as an example of symbiosis.


Paramecium bursaria Population Growth in Paramecia

A transcriptome sequence is determined.

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