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Palum Pazhamum

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Director  A. Bhimsingh
Country  India
7.6/10 IMDb

Language  Tamil
Palum Pazhamum movie poster

Release date  9 September 1961 (1961-09-09)
Music director  M. S. Viswanathan, Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy
Genres  Tamil cinema, Drama, World cinema
Cast  Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, Sowcar Janaki, M. R. Radha, Prem Nazir
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Paalum Pazhamum (English: Milk & Fruit) is a 1961 Tamil-language film directed by A. Bhimsingh and featuring Sivaji Ganesan, M. R. Radha, B. Saroja Devi and Sowcar Janaki. The film, produced by G. N. Velumani under Saravana Films, had musical score by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy and was released on 9 September 1961. The film was super hit at box-office, and remade in Kannada as Beratha Jeeva with Kalyan Kumar and in Hindi as Saathi.


Palum pazhamum


Sivaji is a doctor searching for a cancer cure. Saroja Devi is Sivaji's nurse who assists him in his research. Sivaji offers to marry her after her father's death. After putting in enormous efforts, Sivaji emerges successful in formulating a new drug but Saroja Devi is diagnosed with tuberculosis. Sivaji begins to neglect his duties as a doctor, focusing on Saroja Devi's health. Saroja Devi flees on a train as she does not wish to divert him from his research.

The train crashes and Saroja Devi is believed to be dead. Sivaji is heartbroken but vows to complete his research. Sivaji's family forces him to marry Janaki, but they do not have a happy home life, as he is more oriented towards his research than his family. Janaki and Sivaji fight, and in one of these fights Sivaji loses his eyesight. Meanwhile, Saroja Devi escapes the train crash and goes to Switzerland to cure her tuberculosis. Saroja Devi returns from Switzerland to find that her husband has lost his eyesight. She offers to nurse Sivaji; Sivaji finds her voice familiar but does not recognize her, and confides in her that he is still fond of his ex-wife. Janaki overhears this, and complains to her parents. Saroja Devi faces criticism from the womenfolk of the house for her intimacy with Sivaji.

Sivaji's brother (acted by Prem Nazir) grows fond of Saroja Devi and tells Sivaji so. Sivaji suggests they marry. Saroja Devi is upset and reveals her identity to Sivaji's family. Sivaji's sight is restored by an operation. He recognizes Saroja and rushes to the marriage hall to find that Saroja Devi's sister is married to his brother. Sivaji reunites with Saroja while Janaki joins the Red Cross and flies to Switzerland. The movie ends with Sivaji and Saroja Devi working together to benefit mankind.


  • Sivaji Ganesan as Dr. Ravi
  • M. R. Radha
  • B. Saroja Devi as Shanthi/Neela
  • Sowcar Janaki as Nalini
  • T. S. Balaiah
  • M. S. Sundari Bai
  • S. V. Subbaiah
  • A. Karunanidhi
  • Manorama
  • C. T. Rajakantham
  • K. Sairam
  • S. A. Kannan
  • T. Thangaraj
  • Chittor V. Nagaiah (Guest Appearance)
  • Prem Nazir (Guest Appearance)
  • Sriram (Guest Appearance)
  • K. D. Santhanam (Guest Appearance)
  • Crew

  • Producer: G. N. Velumani
  • Production Company: Saravana Films
  • Director: A. Bhimsingh
  • Music: Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy
  • Lyrics: Kannadasan
  • Story: G. Balasubramaniam & Pasumani
  • Screenplay: A. Bhimsingh
  • Dialogues: G. Balasubramaniam & Pasumani
  • Art Direction: P. P. Chowdhary
  • Editing: A. Bhimsingh, A. Paul Duraisingh & R. Thirumalai
  • Choreography: None
  • Cinematography: G. Vittal Rao
  • Stunt: None
  • Songs Recording & Re-Recording: Mukul Bose
  • Audiography: T. S. Rangasamy & V. C. Sekar
  • Dance: None
  • Soundtrack

    The music composed by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy. "Ennai Yaarendru" is based on Sindhubairavi Raga. "Indha Nadagam" is based on Subhapantuvarali Raga. "Kadhal Siragai" is based on Kapi Raga. The song, "Naan Pesa Ninaippathellam" from the film was actually written by Kannadasan to showcase his friendship with MSV.


    Paalum Pazhamum has been referenced in various films. In a comedy scene from Karagattakaran (1989), Goundamani brings milk and sings "Paalum Pazhamum" to console Ramarajan who is sad. In Uthama Raasa (1993), Vellaiyan (Senthil) and Ondipuli (Goundamani) will be singing "Paalum Pazhamum" since Prabhu and Kushboo are celebrating their honeymoon. In Duet, Both Senthil and Charlie in order to pursue a blind girl (Subashri) calls a beggar to sing "Ennai Yaar Endru" to which lip sync and pretend as if they sing well. In Settai (2013), Nadupakka Nagaraj (Santhanam) is shocked to see Arya's flat being untidy. The song "Ponaal Pogattum" is used as background song for the scene.

    The songs from the film has inspired film titles like Aalayamani (1962), Naan Pesa Ninaipathellam (1992).


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