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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Rubiaceae
Tribe  Psychotrieae
Higher classification  Rubiaceae
Order  Gentianales
Subfamily  Rubioideae
Scientific name  Palicourea
Rank  Genus
Palicourea Photos of Colombia Flowers Palicourea guianensis
Lower classifications  Palicourea corniculata

Booted rackettail palicourea demissa

Palicourea is a plant genus in the family Rubiaceae. It contains about 200 species, which range in habit from shrubs to small trees, and is distributed throughout the New World tropics.


Palicourea Palicourea sp Palicourea TopTropicalscom

These plants are very closely related to Psychotria and in particular its subgenus Heteropsychotria. Indeed, it seems to be nothing else but a distinctively-flowered offshoot of Heteropsychotria; arguably, it would thus need to be merged into Psychotria to make that genus monophyletic. But on the other hand, Psychotria is extremely diverse already, so it is probably more practical to move the more distantly related species out of this genus and merge Heteropsychotria with Palicourea.

Palicourea BOLD Systems Taxonomy Browser Palicourea genus

The genus is not well studied. Most species are distylous, although a few on isolated Caribbean islands seem to have lost the trait. Flowers are in racemes, having no scent, and are normally pollinated by hummingbirds. Blue-black berries follow, and are thought to be distributed by birds.

Palicourea Palicourea sp Palicourea TopTropicalscom

Almost one-tenth of the Palicourea species are considered threatened by the IUCN, even though the conservation status has only been reviewed for those species that occur in Ecuador.

Palicourea Palicourea marcgravii Palicourea marcgravii AStHil RUB Flickr

wikipedia palicourea azurea

Selected species

Palicourea Palicourea sp Palicourea TopTropicalscom
  • Palicourea anderssoniana
  • Palicourea anianguana
  • Palicourea asplundii
  • Palicourea azurea
  • Palicourea calantha
  • Palicourea calothyrsus
  • Palicourea calycina
  • Palicourea canarina
  • Palicourea candida
  • Palicourea consobrina
  • Palicourea corniculata
  • Palicourea cornigera
  • Palicourea fuchsioides
  • Palicourea gentryi
  • Palicourea heilbornii
  • Palicourea herrerae
  • Palicourea holmgrenii
  • Palicourea jaramilloi
  • Palicourea lasiantha
  • Palicourea lasiorrhachis
  • Palicourea latifolia
  • Palicourea lobbii
  • Palicourea macrocalyx
  • Palicourea prodiga
  • Palicourea sodiroi
  • Palicourea stenosepala
  • Palicourea subalatoides
  • Palicourea tectoneura
  • Palicourea wilesii

  • Palicourea httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu


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