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Padre de Familia (film)

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Country  Philippines
Director  Adolfo Alix Jr.
Language  Tagalog, English
Release date  2015

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Padre de Familia is a 2016 independent family drama film, starring Nora Aunor, Coco Martin, and Julia Montes. It is the story of an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), Noel (Coco Martin) who has to assume the responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family after his father went missing. Likewise, it is also the story of the housewife, Aida (Nora Aunor) who has to assume the head of the family because the husband went away and never came back. The film has its premiere at selected cinemas in Europe and the Middle East.


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The film starts with Noel (Coco Martin) leaving for Malaysia as an OFW, he lands a job as a taxi driver and meets a woman named Pia (Julia Montes), who was crying as she rode the cab. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Noel's mother, Aida (Nora Aunor) is receiving his remittances and pasalubongs so she could take care of his siblings (Miles Ocampo , Manuel Chua), and the extended family like his hot-headed aunt Ramona (Rosanna Roces) and his grandmother (Anita Linda).

Pia rides Noel's cab for the second time and he discovers that she is from the Philippines like him. The two start dating after seeing each other more from then. He tells her about his father who also worked as an OFW but never returned, pushing him to work abroad as the new breadwinner of the family. Later on, she tells Noel that she has a partner and a child back home, which Noel didn't seem to mind.

Aida receives a letter which she appeared not to expect getting. After receiving it, she starts shopping for new clothes and grooming herself. She also meets Job (Joem Bascon), a much younger guy who works at the market and falls in love with him. The conflict began when Aida decided to take Job to be her partner, and took the young man to live with the entire family – much to the dismay of Ramona.

The plot thickens when Pia decides to leave Noel and go back to the Philippines after her work contract in Malaysia ended. Noel also went home one day and gets furious upon finding out that his mother is cheating on his father with a younger man. The content of the letter Aida received was revealed when she responded to her son's anger. They find out that Ben (Joel Torre) is alive, so Noel went to where his father was and took him home. He also searched for Pia and found out that her husband Raymond (Baron Geisler) is abusive, so he makes an effort to take her away from him. However, the husband finds out and beats him up.

Later on, Romana learns that Aida has not been paying the bills to get their house back after it has been pawned. This results to a feud that gives the grandmother a heart attack, eventually killing her. Ben tells the family that the money Noel has been giving to Aida went to his medication and new family, and that she was not spending it for Job. Noel and his mother sort things out right before Raymond set their house on fire.

The story ends with Noel and his family, finally together with Pia and her child in a new house, with Noel getting ready to back to Malaysia once again to work and support them financially.


  • Nora Aunor as Aida Santiago
  • Coco Martin as Noel Santiago
  • Julia Montes as Pia Santiago
  • Joel Torre as Ben Santiago
  • Rosanna Roces as Ramona Santiago
  • Joem Bascon as Job
  • Baron Geisler as Raymond
  • Anita Linda as Lola Eva
  • Miles Ocampo as Tana Santiago
  • Manuel Chua as Caloy Santiago
  • Jess Mendoza as Tana's boyfriend
  • Paolo Diangson as Noel's son
  • Janvier Daily as Matador
  • Sunshine Teodoro as Saleswoman
  • Armand Reyes as Ben's neighbor
  • Malou Crisologo as Debt collector
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