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PANIC at Multiverse High!

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Designer(s)  Annie Mitsoda
Composer(s)  Lena Chappelle
Developer  DoubleBear Productions
Publisher  DoubleBear Productions
Programmer(s)  Jacob Ramey
Initial release date  16 August 2016
Engine  Ren'Py
Platform  Microsoft Windows
PANIC at Multiverse High! cdnedgecaststeamstaticcomsteamapps515000hea
Artist(s)  Sarah Bergh Michelle Juett Silva Paul Conway Rachel Dorrett Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda Kim Gray
Writer(s)  Annie Mitsoda Brian Mitsoda
Genres  Visual novel, Role-playing video game

Panic at multiverse high launch trailer

PANIC at Multiverse High! is a parody visual novel/otome game in the vein of Hatoful Boyfriend - meant to be a humorous game with bizarre characters, gently mocking the "high school romance" trope.



The goal of the game is to build up both your stats and your relationship with your club-mates so that you can become close friends with one, ask them to go to Prom with you, and face down Chad, your rival, at last.

The game divides the player's attributes into three - Cool, Nice, Tough - and various decisions throughout the game, such as on the weekends or in classes, influences this rating. While the player is never told the level of attributes precisely, they can ask the mysterious lunch server, the Collector, to give them a relative understanding of how high each one is.

There are six clubs to choose from divided between AM clubs - Sports, Study Hall, and Music - and PM clubs - Art, Drama, and Magic. Choice of club determines the possible friends the player will have access to. (The player is not allowed to switch clubs once they have been chosen) There are three characters in each club - one for each of the attributes the player can raise. Club sessions appear at various points throughout the year, as well as school-based events and holiday festivals. The player can gain points with characters by picking a selection they like in club sessions, or selecting them in events/festivals.

If the player raises an associated attribute high enough and interacts with a character enough, they'll be given an opportunity to invite them over to their house. Once there, the character will ask the player a question: sometimes, this will be harmless, and will result in the player and character becoming friends no matter what - but prouder or more abrasive characters may entirely break off a potential friendship if the player gives the wrong response.

Development and release

The game was announced in PC Gamer a day before its release on Steam, along with details on the second game it was meant to raise funds for - PANIC in the Multiverse!.

The music was composed by Lena "Raine" Chappelle.

PANIC in the Multiverse!

PANIC in the Multiverse! is meant to be the second game in DoubleBear Productions PANIC series.

The gameplay has been described as "tug-of-war" style and influenced by JRPG combat, and involves gathering a selection of heroes with unique skills to fight back against the game's main villain, "King Sha'art".

No release date has yet been given for the project.


PANIC at Multiverse High! Wikipedia

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