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Ouachita Hills College

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Phone  +1 870-342-6210
Ouachita Hills College
Address  46 Madison Way, Amity, AR 71921, USA
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Ouachita Hills College is a Christian college in southwest Arkansas. As a tutorial center of Griggs University, it offers students several degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, Business, Christian Media, and Education. Students enrolled in the college program spend part of each day in practical work programs. The program was founded to incorporate apprentice-style learning into accredited religious studies. Many of the students in the program pay their way through school by taking part in the sale of Christian literature, sometimes referred to as literature evangelism or canvassing. The college is southwest of Amity, Arkansas.


Ouachita hills college

Philosophy of the School

In the mid-19th century the Seventh Day Adventist denomination began developing a system of higher education. One of the early schools, Madison College of Tennessee, pioneered a philosophy of education that emphasized a holistic preparation for life. Students at Madison learned a trade. Their teachers joined them for several hours each day in practical work outside the class room.

Counsels from Ellen White gave significant guidance to the Madison School.

Ouachita Hills College is built on the philosophy modeled by the Madison school. Students from all denominations are welcome to apply at the college.


In 1996 the Board of Directors of Ouachita Ministries voted to form a college; in 1999 the state of Arkansas granted Ouachita Hills College a religious-exempt status and plans for the college began in earnest.

In the fall of 2000 the College first opened classes with 30 students. Many came from the Center for Evangelistic Canvassing (CEC) in Harrah, Oklahoma, Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, and from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The founder and primary instructor of CEC, Eugene Prewitt, joined Harriet Clark and her son Chester Clark III as administrators of the newly formed Ouachita Hills College.

In its first four years of operation, its students knocked on more than 700,000 doors promoting materials to enhance physical and spiritual health. As a result of their labor, more than 6,700 persons have requested Bible studies during that time.

Graduates from the first classes are now leaders in the literature evangelism work of the church in North America and Europe. These colporteurs have been partially responsible for a revival of the church's literature work in several areas. Other graduates are successful teachers on either the elementary or secondary level.


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