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Ottone Visconti

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Coat of arms  
Buried  Milan Cathedral
Mother  Anastasia Pirovano

Father  Ubaldo Visconti
Noble family  House of Visconti
Name  Ottone Visconti
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Occupation  Archbishop, Podesta of Novara
Place of burial  Milan Cathedral, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Similar  Azzone Visconti, Matteo II Visconti, Galeazzo II Visconti

Born  1207 (age 88), Invorio, Massino's Court, Italy

Died  8 August 1295 (aged 88) Chiaravalle Abbey, Milan, Italy

Ottone Visconti

Ottone Visconti (1207 – 8 August 1295) was an archbishop of Milan, a member of the Visconti family and the founder of their rule in Milan.



He was the son of Ubaldo Visconti, lord of Massino, Albizzate and Besnate, and one Anastasia (some sources attribute her the Pirovano last name). Before the accession to the archbishopric, he was assistant to the Papal legate and cardinal Ottaviano Ubaldini. In 1260 he was Podestà of Novara.

On 22 July 1262 Visconti succeeded as archbishop of Milan to Leone da Perego, elected by Pope Urban IV in opposition to Martino della Torre and Manfredi of Sicily. He fought for the rule of the city with the Torriani family, and especially with Napo Della Torre, who had denied him access to Milan and had defeated an army under Teobaldo Visconti, later Pope Gregory X, Ottone's nephew, at Angera in 1276. However, in the following year Ottone decisively defeated him in the Battle of Desio: this victory began the rule of Visconti over Milan and Lombardy, which lasted until 1450.

As effective lord of the city, he embellished it and enhanced the economy.

As an old man he retired to the Abbey of Clairvaux, entrusting the seigniory to his nephew Matteo. He died there in 1295.


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