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Olomouc Region

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Czech Republic

Palacky University, Olomouc

5,266.57 km2



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Olomouc, Prostejov, Prerov, Sumperk, Jesenik

Points of interest
Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc, Hradisko Monastery, Church of Saint Maurice, Dlouhe strane Hydro Power Plant

Olomouc Region (Czech: ) is an administrative unit (Czech: ) of the Czech Republic, located in the north-western and central part of its historical region of Moravia (Morava) and in a small part of the historical region of Czech Silesia (Ceske Slezsko). It is named for its capital Olomouc. It consists of five districts (Jesenik, Olomouc, Prostejov, Prerov and Sumperk). On the territory of the region there are 13 administrative districts of municipalities with extended powers and 20 administrative districts of municipalities with authorised local authority. Olomouc region borders with the Moravian-Silesian Region (in the east), Zlin Region (in the south-east), South Moravian Region (in the south-west) and Pardubice Region (in the west). Furthermore, the region shares a 104 km long border with Poland (in the north).


Map of Olomouc Region

The olomouc region


The total area of the Region amounted to 5,266 km2, which is 6.7% of the entire area of the Czech Republic. The northern part of the region is of a mountainous nature. The Jeseniky mountains are located here, including Praded which is the highest point of the region (1,492 m above sea level). The southern part of the Region consists of the Hanakian lowland. The lowest point of the region is situated on the water level of the Morava River near to Kojetin in the Prerov District (190 m above sea level). The Morava river flows through the region and the majority of the regions territory belongs to Morava’s drainage basin. A small northern part of the region belongs to the drainage basin of Odra River which flows to the Baltic Sea. The Olomouc Region offers a great variety of natural points of interest. Protected landscape area of the Jeseniky mountains offers a number of scenic places such as with the largest Moravian peatbog Rejviz and a 45m high Vysoky Waterfall. Another scenic place is Dlouhe Strane water reservoir situated on the top of a hill. Protected landscape area Litovelske Pomoravi offers floodplain forests with many endangered kinds of plants and animals. Finally, many caves can be found in the region: Javoricko Caves (Czech: ), Mladec Caves (Czech: ) and Zbrasov aragonite caves (Czech: ).


The Regions economy focuses on traditional agriculture, processing industry and services. Conditions for further development of the Region are its suitable position, transport accessibility, developed infrastructure, enough qualified labour force and entry of foreign investors. In 2011 the total economically active population of the Olomouc Region was 307.2 thousand people, of which 283.9 thousand were employed and 23.3 thousand unemployed. The unemployment rate in late 2013 was 9%. The Olomouc Region is an industrial area with developed services. The economy of the Hanakian districts is more stable and diverse than the economy of the Jesenik District and northern part of the Sumperk District. The letter two districts belong to economically weaker regions due to their position, transport accessibility and disturbance of social and economic life after the Second World War (displacement of German population). The gross domestic product of the Olomouc Region amounted to 4.7% of the nation GDP in 2011. The GDP per capita of the region reaches 76.5% of the national average. The average monthly wage of employees in businesses based in the region reached 21,727 CZK (EUR 780) in late 2013. Significant sectors of the region’s economy are agriculture, food industry, textile and clothing industry, manufacture of machinery, optics and optical equipment. In 2011, there were 138,970 businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs based in the region. Most of them were private entrepreneurs registered according to the trade law (76.6%) and business companies (8.4%). 157 industrial enterprises had 100 or more employees, employing in total 41,222 employees.


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