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Old Anatolian Turkish

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Official language in

Native to
Sultanate of Rum, Anatolian beyliks

Arrived in Anatolia late 11th century. Developed into Early Ottoman Turkish c. 15th century

Language family
Turkic Common Turkic Southwestern Turkic (Oghuz) Old Anatolian Turkish

Writing system
Ottoman Turkish alphabet augmented with ḥarakāt

Linguist list
1ca Old Anatolian Turkish

Old Anatolian Turkish (Modern Turkish: Eski Anadolu Türkçesi) is the stage in the history of the Turkish language spoken in Anatolia from the 11th to 15th centuries. It developed into Early Ottoman Turkish. It was written in the Arabic script. Unlike in later Ottoman Turkish, short-vowel diacritics were used.

Despite this, it had no official status until in 1277, Mehmet I of Karaman declared a firman:


Old Anatolian Turkish Wikipedia

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