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Chandra Sekhar Yeleti

Music director
M.M. Keeravaani



Action, Thriller



Okkadunnadu movie poster

Release date
3 March 2007 (2007-03-03)

Koratalla Siva (dialogue), Chandra Sekhar Yeleti

Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, Koratala Siva

I Say Enjoy

Neha Jhulka
Mahesh Manjrekar
Rao Ramesh

Okkadunnadu movie gopichand mahesh manjrekar scene gopichand neha jhulka sri balaji video

Okkadunnadu (English: There is one man; Telugu: ఒక్కడున్నాడు) is a 2007 Telugu action thriller film produced by Cherry on Clap Productions banner, who was an executive producer for hit films such as Chatrapati and Vikramarkudu and film directed by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. Starring Gopichand in the lead role, Neha Jhulka is female lead, and Mahesh Manjrekar as the antagonist and music composed by M. M. Keeravani. The film recorded as Average at box office.


Okkadunnadu movie scenes

Okkadunnadu telugu full movie gopichand neha jhulka sri balaji video


Okkadunnadu httpsiytimgcomvi5tSGSv6xysYmaxresdefaultjpg

Gauthami (Neha Jhulka) is a real estate agent in Mumbai. She arranges a deal between Gowri Shankar (Suman) of Sri Venkateswara Bank, Hyderabad, India, and Marwadi (Raghu Babu) in Mumbai, for the sale of a guest house in Mumbai. As per the agreement, there are three months time for registration. However, Gowri Shankar's son Kiran (Gopichand) comes to Mumbai and demands the money immediately. Though Gauthami tries very hard to convince Kiran that it may not be possible to complete the deal early, Kiran does not listen and wants to complete the deal saying that he needs the money urgently. Kiran needs money of Rs. 4  Crore urgently because his father's bank falls into bankruptcy and his father was arrested, he can get money by selling their guest house. Kiran plans that by giving this amount to an official (Tanikella Bharani) in Central Government, as bribe solves all the problems.

One day Kiran sees a man with a board in his hand, searching for Bombay Blood group to save his mother's life. Kiran's blood group is Bombay Blood group. Kiran meets him and tells him that he is willing to donate blood. They go to a hospital and Kiran donates the blood. Kiran gives his mobile number to the hospital people, but not the address.

On the other hand, there is a mafia don called Sona Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar), whose blood group is Bombay blood group, who needs an urgent heart transplant, and looks for a person who has the same blood group. Despite several efforts, the entire mafia gang could not get a person who is healthy with that rare blood group. The hospital people give Kiran's mobile number to the goons saying that his blood group is Bombay blood group and he is perfectly healthy. Kiran receives a call from Sona Bhai, who requests Kiran to donate some blood to him, which Kiran finally accepts, but the real intention of Sona Bhai and his gang is to get Kiran's heart.

Kiran meets Sona Bhai and his goons at a hospital on the next day, doctors give Kiran some injection so that he goes into an unconscious state. The nephew of Sona Bhai, (Rahul Dev), who eyed his property, tries to save Kiran by showing a written message on his left hand 'Escape, these people will kill you.'. Kiran sees the message but could not get up from the bed and eventually goes unconscious. When doctors plan to start the heart transplant operation, Sona Bhai's BP raises to abnormal levels. The doctor reveals that it is not safe to do the operation for next 24  hours as Sona Bhai's condition is serious, and insists that operation should be done to both Sona Bhai and Kiran simultaneously and also that it would kill Kiran if they try to keep him in the unconscious state for such long time.

When Kiran gets up he remembers the message he has seen on Rahul Dev's hand and escapes from that situation by beating up the goons. Kiran safely reaches his guest house, there he gets a phone call from Rahul Dev in which Rahul Dev (without revealing his identity) warns Kiran to leave Mumbai immediately and never come back. Frustrated Kiran goes to Gauthami's office and demands angrily to complete the sale of his guest house immediately, breaking computers in the office. Gauthami files a case on Kiran but withdraws it immediately as she understands his situation and it was all out of frustration. Kiran explains all the problems to Gauthami.

One day Sona Bhai's gang's main member Jayadev (Nassar) comes to know about why Kiran came to Mumbai. Jayadev alone meets Gauthami and says to her that he is willing to buy Kiran's guest house and gives his card to her. She says to him that the guest house is already registered to someone else. Gauthami convinces Marwadi to pay all the amount at once the next day. The next day Gauthami informs Kiran that Marwadi is ready to pay all money immediately, but by then he is surrounded by goons. During the fight, one of the goons gives him an injection, which makes him go unconscious in 3  minutes, but Kiran beats all the goons within 3  minutes and comes out of his guest house; by then Gauthami reaches there. Losing consciousness, Kiran falls on Gauthami and asks her to take him to the hospital.

When Kiran is explaining Gauthami (in her house) about what has all happened, the goons (without Jayadev) reach there, Gauthami tells Kiran to hide, and the goons warn Gauthami that she should inform Kiran that his guest house is now under the control of Sona Bhai. Kiran and Gauthami reach Marwadi's house to get money, but he is afraid of Sona Bhai, and says that he is not buying the guest house and asks them to pay back the advance. Kiran refuses and forces Marwadi to pay all the money. Marwadi convinces Kiran to stay near the end of the road, and he'll give all the money there within 30  minutes. While Kiran and Gauthami are waiting for Marwadi at the end of the road, to their surprise Rahul Dev reaches there, and explains that Marwadi, in fear of Sona Bhai, won't give him money, and he tells Kiran to meet him in a bar. As Marwadi did not meet them in 30  minutes, they go to his house only to find out that he locked his house and escaped.

Gauthami contacts Jayadev on the phone, telling that the guest house is still vacant, and he can buy it now. Jayadev, along with the goons, reach Gauthami's office, beats them up, and warns them not to try to sell that guest house. Meanwhile, Kiran meets Rahul Dev in a bar, and there, Rahul Dev explains his pitiful situation and reason why he is saving Kiran, but then he suddenly tries to kill Kiran so that Sona Bhai would not get Kiran's heart, but Kiran beats up everyone including Rahul Dev, but spares his life as he once saved him.

Frustrated, Kiran goes to Sona Bhai's house, catches up a wire that goes into Sona Bhai's chest (which helps keep his heart functioning normally), and threatens him that he would pull it out if he does not give Rs. 2  Crore in cash immediately. As there is no other way, money is arranged for him. Kiran takes the money and escapes. By that time, Tanikella Bharani contacts Kiran, and tells him that he is in Mumbai, and asks Kiran to meet him in a hotel.

As Kiran and Gauthami reach the hotel room, they found no person inside but a CD. When they play the CD they find out Tanikella Bharani was killed by Sona Bhai's goons. One day Kiran's father calls Kiran, and tells him that someone in Mumbai is ready to invest an amount of Rs.200  Crore in their bank. Kiran meets them only to find out that person is Sona Bhai himself. Sona Bhai makes a deal that if Kiran gives his heart then Rs. 200  Crore would be invested in their bank, otherwise not. Kiran tells that he needs some time to think about it. Meanwhile, Kiran and Gauthami fall in love with each other.

Kiran's father calls Kiran and asks him as to know what happened. Kiran tells his father that they have put some conditions that can cause difficulties to them, not explaining the real problem, Kiran's father tells Kiran no matter what their conditions let go ahead and accept the deal.

Not knowing what to do, Kiran meets Sona Bhai in a hotel where there is Rs.200  Crore in one of the rooms. At this point, Rahul Dev again tries to help Kiran, by showing the room number on his hand in which the money is present. Kiran beats up all the goons, takes all the required money, comes to Sona Bhai, pulls all the wires out of his chest, and destroys the equipment that is needed for his heart functionality so that he would die. Sona Bhai finds out that Rahul Dev cheated by trying to help Kiran by seeing at his hands. Soon, Jayadev kills Rahul Dev and announces the goons that they don't need Kiran's heart and orders to kill him, but Kiran escapes with all the money with the help of Gauthami. Sona Bhai dies. Jayadev, who can't bear all of this kills himself. Soon, because of gas leakage, there is a big fire blast in hotel killing all goons.


Music composed by M.M. Keeravani. Music released on Vel Records Company.


The film received the positive response from the critics. gave a review of rating 3.25/5 terming it a "Blood Chase" and a "Serious Psychological Thriller". IndiaGlitz gave a review stating "Chandrasekhar Yeleti, a champion of gripping screenplay passes yet again with flying colours. The director was able to carry the whole film on action and was able to cater to the masses." Oneindia Entertainment gave a review stating "The film might run well in B, C centres because of its mass appeal with good action scenes. Can be recommended to watch once only if you are interested in action films." Sify gave a review stating "Technically Okkadunnadu is brilliant with Gummadi Jaya Krishna excellent photography, and editing is slick. MM Keeravani's music is not great, but he scores in re-recording. In a nutshell, the film is an average flick which caters to urban audiences."


Krishna Vamsi choreographed two songs in the film. This is Neha Jhulka's debut film.

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