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Odor of the Day

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Film series  Looney Tunes
Voices  Mel Blanc
Director  Arthur Davis
Music director  Carl Stalling
Cast  Mel Blanc
Language  English
Odor of the Day movie scenes Other dumb things include Two or three big moments of REACH TO THE HEAVENS AND CRY VENGEANCE Rose McGowan s witchy bulbous forehead

Release date  October 2, 1948
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Odor of the Day is a 1948 animated short in the Looney Tunes series starring Pepé Le Pew. It is the only short in which he appears not as a lover; it is also the only short in which he does not speak, save for one line at the end. It is one of only three Pepé Le Pew shorts not to be directed by Chuck Jones, the others being Dog Pounded (a Tweety and Sylvester short directed by Friz Freleng, in which Pepé makes a cameo appearance) and Really Scent (a Pepé short directed by Abe Levitow). The title is a play on the phrase "order of the day".


Odor of the Day Odor of the Day 1948 The Internet Animation Database

On a cold winter day, a dog (identical in appearance to Wellington from Doggone Cats) desperately seeks shelter in a dog house, a hawk's nest and a turtle shell, but is rejected every time. He finally stumbles upon the home of Pepé Le Pew, who is currently out. When he returns, the dog unsuccessfully tries to get rid of the skunk. Pepé grabs his own tail, aims, and focuses his odorous spray his tail's tip: blasting it at the dog in repetitive rounds as if firing a machine gun. The overpowering stench forces the dog out into the snow again, and when he falls into the pool of ice water the turtle was previously in, he finds himself frozen in a block of ice when Pepé gets him out. As soon as Pepé frees the dog from the block, the dog catches a cold.

Odor of the Day Picapau na Record Sbt e Globo Pepe Le Pew Odor of the Day 1948

Pepé tries in vain to make the dog go away with his stench. However, thanks to his cold, the dog can't smell a thing. After being forced out, Pepé throws the dog a note which reads: WARNING! A COLD CAN BE FATAL! SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW! The dog hurriedly phones a Dr. Gesundheit, and Pepé promptly appears in disguise as the doctor. He tries putting a mustard plaster on the dog's nose and ripping it off, which doesn't work. Pepé next tries a steam machine, which after several tries, works, ridding the dog of his cold. Pepé now successfully gets rid of his unwanted guest with his stench.

The dog jumps back into the icy water and after he returns frozen in a block of ice and thaws himself out in the fireplace, his cold returns. Pepé tries get rid of him again with his smell, but fails. The dog then goes over to get a bottle of perfume and sprays it over himself and Pepé. Unable to stand the smell of perfume, Pepé runs off outside, jumps into the icy water and returns to thaw himself out in the fireplace, at which point he catches a cold himself. The pair finally agree to live with the colds and each other since neither can get rid of the other, and as they sneeze, they both say "Gesundheit!".


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