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Nozar Azadi

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Occupation  Actor
Name  Nozar Azadi
Role  Actor

Nozar Azadi Nozar Azadi The Most Popular Actors Of The World
Movies  Samad Goes to the School, Zanburak
Similar People  Parviz Sayyad, Mary Apick, Jahangir Forouhar, Ramesh, Shahla Riahi

Ramesh & Nozar Azadi - Asmar Asmar (Live in Concert) | (رامش - اسمر اسمر (کنسرت

Nozar Azadi (Persian: نوذر آزادی‎‎), best known for his role as Aghai (Mr.) Ghatebeh (after his role in a famous Iranian TV series), is an Iranian comedian and actor who was famous in Iran in the 1970s, mostly because of his role in TV series such as Italia, Italia, Kaf show, and Okhtapus. He was born in Kermanshah, Iran, in 1938 (1317 in the Iranian calendar).


Nozar Azadi


Born in Kermanshah, Azadi appeared in many shows, television series and films in the Iranian era prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Azadi starred in many films of Samad and Leila, the Kaf Show directed by Parviz Sayad, and his own television series Italia Italia, playing the character Ghatebeh. Ghatebeh played in many shows where he impersonated an Kermanshahi man who was a con man by nature, very slick and a great communicator/womanizer. Ghatebeh had a distinguished Kermanshahi accent that to this day, 40 years later, people of Iran still remember with amusement.

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In 1971, Azadi performed in Peter Brook's production of Orghast in Persepolis, which was part of the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire.

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Azadi fled from Iran to Germany, where he lived in Bremen for 20 years, and then moved to the United States. He made no more films, but took up painting.

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In 2010, Azadi exhibited his paintings at the Seyhoun Gallery in Hollywood, California.


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  • Jew's Harp, 1975 (Persian 1354)
  • Mozaffar, 1974 (Persian 1353)
  • Samad goes to School, 1973 (Persian 1352) (as Director)
  • Suitor, 1972 (Persian 1351)
  • Samad and Solomon, 1971 (Persian 1350)

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