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Broadcast area  France
Owner  NRJ Group
Format  Oldies
Slogan  La légende des années 60, 70 et 80 ! (The Legend of the 60s, 70s and 80s !)
First air date  September 16, 1983 (1983-09-16)

Nostalgie is a popular French radio station broadcasting on FM, principally dedicated to 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and sometimes 1990s songs. From 60 to 80% of the songs are French songs. Nostalgie belongs to the NRJ Group.



Radio Nostalgie, now simply Nostalgie, was created on 16 September 1983. Since 1985 Radio Nostalgie was developing a network in France and in 1986 the station was also broadcasting in Paris.

Also at this time, Radio Nostalgie was already developing abroad in countries such as Belgium, Lebanon, Portugal and Russia (Moscow). And later continued its expansion in Eastern Europe, the Balearic Islands (Spain), the Americas, and more recently in Africa: Côte d'Ivoire (Abidjan), Senegal (Dakar) and Togo (Lomé).

Towards 1987/1988, the life of the station is marked by the diffusion of popular and rarities of songs from the 50s to the 80s, completely with news, and some significant programs:

  • "Les matinales" "The Mornings" (Denis Rostagnat, weekly, 5am-9am).
  • "La salle et la terrasse" "The room and the terrace" (weekly, 12am-2pm).
  • "Le club" (Program with mainly songs of the 60s hosted by Bruno Dubois) weekly, 5pm-7pm).
  • "Piano Bar" (Pierre Galibert, Saturdays 9pm-1am).
  • "Les nuits de Nostalgie" "The Nights of Nostalgie" (Pascal Moréno, weekly, 1am-5am).
  • In 1997, the group Générale Occidentale enters at 49% in the share capital, RMC retaining the remaining 51%. Nostalgie is focusing towards a younger format by broadcasting songs of the 1980s and entertainment programs by well-known hosts (Pierre Bellemare, Georges Beller, Lio, Pierre Galibert, etc.). The audience is crumbling dangerously.

    On 10 April 1997, the radio station started broadcasting its own TV station, Nostalgie la télé. It was owned by the AB Groupe who had agreed to broadcast under this name. However, the channel failed, and was replaced in the summer of 1999 by RFM TV.

    At the outbreak of the RMC Group, Radio Nostalgie, as well as RMC and Montmartre FM, were for sale. NRJ Group was a candidate, and the CSA authorizes repurchase. Following virulent protests from the independent local radio, saying the NRJ group would monopoly on local advertising market with its four networks (NRJ, Chérie FM and Rire & Chansons and Nostalgie): they indeed feared too much pressure from advertisers with attractive offers. The CSA then imposes conditions on the NRJ Group to reduce the monopoly : Rire & Chansons becomes 100% passive (closing local stations, which also contradicted terms of the CSA's own, which erect at the birth of Rire & Chansons) and some other local stations of the NRJ group will stop broadcasting in some cities where NRJ is strongly present.

    Within a few months, the audience of Radio Nostalgie literally explodes: whereas previously the highest scores were in the range of only 6% of total audience, Nostalgie quickly exceeded 8%. The simultaneous start of Christophe Sabot (Director of Programming) and Jean-Marc Morandini (Director of Nostalgie) did not affect the score.

    Main slogan

    In 1996 a new slogan was introduced: La légende, and later became the main slogan, as it was always present on the logo between 1996 and February 2013.

  • 1996 - February 2013 : La Légende
  • International affiliates

    Nostalgie has many international affiliates under the same name in the following countries :

  • Belgium
  • Flanders (Nostalgie Vlaanderen)
  • Wallonia (Nostalgie Wallonie)
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russia
  • Guadeloupe (Nostalgie Guadeloupe)
  • Guinea (Nostalgie Guinée)
  • Guyana (Nostalgie Guyane)
  • Ivory Coast (Nostalgie Côte d'Ivoire)
  • Lebanon (Nostalgie Liban 88.1)
  • Martinique (Nostalgie Martinique)
  • Portugal (Rádio Nostalgia)
  • Réunion (Nostalgie Réunion 97,4)
  • Senegal (Nostalgie Dakar 90.3)
  • Spain
  • Togo (Nostalgie Lomé)
  • Web-radios

    Nostalgie currently has 21 web-radios in various musical genres, to listen the webradios or know more about the web-radios see the reference:


    Nostalgie Wikipedia