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Noriaki Yuasa

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Name  Noriaki Yuasa
Role  Director
Died  June 14, 2004, Japan

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Movies  Gamera, Gamera vs Guiron, Gamera vs Gyaos, Gamera vs Viras, Gamera: Super Monster
Similar People  Eiji Funakoshi, Masaichi Nagata, Sandy Frank, Mari Atsumi, Kichijiro Ueda

Trailer gamera vs viras destroy all planets by noriaki yuasa 1968

Noriaki Yuasa (湯浅 憲明, Yuasa Noriaki) (born 1933 in Tokyo, Japan, died June 14, 2004) was a Japanese director. Yuaasa is the main director being the Japanese film series Gamera, about a giant flying turtle from outer space that befriend small boys battles giant monsters. The series was created by Daiei studios after the box office success of the Godzilla series.


Super Monster (1980)


Noriaki Yuasa was born 28 September 1933 in Tokyo, Japan. Yuasa was the son of a stage actor and began work at a young age as a child actor. After graduating university, he began to seek work on the production of films. Yuasa joined Daiei Studios in 1955 and became director in 1964 with the musical comedy film Shiawasa nara te o tatake (lit. If You're Happy, Clap Your Hands).

Yuasa's next project was a film tentatively tiled Dai gunju Nezura (lit. The Great Rat Swarm) which would involve real rats crawling over miniatures of cities. The rats received for the film had fleas which halted production on Dai gunju Nezura. As the miniatures for the film were already built, Masaichi Nagata had the idea to develop a giant monster to attack the city and had the idea for a giant flying turtle. Yuasa with his screenwriter Nisan Takahashi developed the idea into the 1965 film Gamera: The Giant Monster.

Yuasa continued work directing films in the series except Gamera vs. Barugon, where he only was the special effects director. Yuasa's personal favourite of his Gamera films was Gamera vs. Viras. Following the collapse of Daiei in 1971, he predominantly directed work for television including Electroid Zaborger (1974) and Ultraman 80 (1980). His last film was Gamera: Super Monster which included much stock footage from the previous Gamera films.

Yuasa died of a stroke in Japan on 14 June 2004.


  • Denjin Zaborger (1974)
  • Ultraman 80 (1980)
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