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No Place to Hide (1993 film)

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Director  Richard Danus
5.4/10 IMDb

Language  English
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Release date  1993 (1993)
Tagline  A teenager who's seen too much...and a cop who's seen it all.

No Place to Hide is a 1993 American detective film written and directed by Richard Danus and starring Kris Kristofferson. The film was notable for Drew Barrymore in the co-starring role of a murdered ballerina (Lydie Denier)'s younger sister.


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No Place to Hide (1993 film) httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM
  • Kris Kristofferson as Joe Garvey
  • Drew Barrymore as Tinsel Hanley/Narrator
  • Martin Landau as Frank McCoy
  • Illana Diamant as Joline
  • O. J. Simpson as Allie Wheeler
  • Dey Young as Karen
  • Bruce Weitz as Captain Nelson Silva
  • Seth Marten as Harold Rosen
  • Lydie Denier as Pamela Hanley
  • Kane Hodder as Weller
  • Lilyan Chauvin as Mother Superior
  • Reception

    No Place to Hide (1993 film) No Place to Hide 1993 film Wikipedia

    The film was reamed by critics, particularly Richard Harrington of the Washington Post: "No Place to Hide is so bad it's not even any good. No guilty pleasures are to be found in its preposterously clumsy plot, or in the limp performance of Kris Kristofferson; someone check his pulse. Even Drew Barrymore regresses from the promise of Guncrazy by being forced to play a petulant 14-year-old caught up in a web of murder and intrigue. For both actors, this film is a triumph of underachievement...The laconic Kristofferson's acting range is measured between squinting eyes and a grinding jaw...The gradually-developing bond between Kris and Drew is excruciatingly detailed in the latter's voiced-over diary entries. It's all very embarrassing...Director Richard Danus, who beats his own script to a pulp, has no idea where to take any of this; loose plot threads abound. The inevitable revelation of a secret society run by Dirty Harry-type elitists is simply ridiculous; if ever a film needed a Satanic subplot, it's this one. In any number of confrontations with Drew's would-be-killer (who looks and acts suspiciously like The Shadow), Kristofferson tells Barrymore to 'Run, run...! Get out of here!' Take those as subliminal messages."

    No Place to Hide (1993 film) No Place to Hide Movie Posters From Movie Poster Shop

    To this day, Kristofferson and Landau are - apparently - not fans of NPTH themselves. Once, when asked about the picture by a fan, Landau's retort was "Why would you want to know about that one?" For his part, Kristofferson often pretends not to even remember making the film.

    No Place to Hide (1993 film) No Place To Hide Trailer 1993 YouTube

    No Place to Hide (1993 film) No Place To Hide VHS Kris Kristofferson Drew Barrymore Martin
    No Place to Hide (1993 film) Cineplexcom No Place To Hide


    No Place to Hide (1993 film) Wikipedia
    No Place to Hide (1993 film) IMDb No Place to Hide (1993 film)

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