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Nishitama District, Tokyo

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Country  Japan
Area  376 km²
Population  58,429 (1 Aug 2011)
Region  Kantō
Local time  Tuesday 2:02 PM
Prefecture  Tokyo
Nishitama District, Tokyo
Time zone  Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Weather  12°C, Wind E at 11 km/h, 58% Humidity
Points of interest  Hossawa falls (hinohara, Hinohara Tokyo Citizens, Mt Odake, Hinodesan, Kawanoriyama

Nishitama (西多摩郡, Nishitama-gun) is a district located in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. It comprises the following three towns and a village:


Map of Nishitama District, Tokyo, Japan

  • Hinode
  • Mizuho
  • Okutama
  • Hinohara
  • Historically, the cities of Ōme, Fussa, Hamura, and Akiruno were part of Nishitama District but these have currently broken off from the district after they were elevated to city status.


    Each of the towns and villages operate separate public elementary and junior high school systems.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education operates Mizuho Nougei High School in Mizuho.

    The school district also operates the following high schools in nearby Ōme:

  • Norin High School
  • Ome Sogo High School
  • Tama High School
  • The district operates the following high schools in Fussa:

  • Fussa High School
  • Tama Technical High School
  • The district operates Hamura High School in Hamura.

    The district operates the following schools in Akiruno:

  • Akirudai High School
  • Itsukaichi High School
  • District timeline

  • July 22, 1878: Tama District, which it had long been part of former Musashi Province, was divided into four parts: Higashitama (Eastern Tama), Kitatama (Northern Tama), Minamitama (Southern Tama) and Nishitama (Western Tama). Nishitama District had 1 town and 93 village areas.
  • April 1, 1889: The new legislation, Nishitama District had 2 towns and 30 villages areas.
  • April 1, 1893: Nishitama District was transferred from Kanagawa Prefecture to Tokyo Prefecture.
  • June 1, 1955: The villages of Ohisano and Hirai were merged to create the new village of Hinode.
  • October 1, 1956: The village of Nishitama was elevated to town status and renamed to Hamura.
  • October 15, 1958: Parts of the village of Motosayama (from Iruma District, Saitama Prefecture), excluding the parts that was merged into the town of Musashi (from Iruma District) on October 14, 1958, was merged into the town of Mizuho.
  • July 1, 1970: The town of Fussa was elevated to city status.
  • May 5, 1972: The town of Akita was elevated to city status and renamed to Akigawa.
  • June 1, 1974: The village of Hinode was elevated to town status.
  • November 1, 1991: The town of Hamura was elevated to city status.
  • September 1, 1995: The town of Itsukaichi was merged with the city of Akigawa to create the city of Akiruno.
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