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Nicky Deuce

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Directed by  Jonathan A. Rosenbaum
Country of origin  United States Canada
Starring  Noah Munck
Original language(s)  English
Screenplay by  Art Edler Brown Andy Callahan Will Schifrin
Story by  Charles Fleming Steven R. Schirripa

Nicky Deuce is a Nickelodeon/YTV film starring Noah Munck, which is based on the book Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family. The film was directed by Jonathan A. Rosenbaum and written by Art Edler Brown, Andy Callahan, and Douglas Sloan. It premiered on Nickelodeon on May 27, 2013.



Nicholas Borelli II is an awkward teen from a boring suburb who is supposed to go to math camp while his parents are away on a business trip. However, when the camp is cancelled his parents reluctantly send him to stay with his Grandma Tutti and Uncle Frankie in Brooklyn. Although he dreads it at first, Nicky begins to enjoy eating his grandmother's cooking and learning about the neighborhood and his heritage from his uncle. But then things turn strange when he begins to suspect his uncle is a gangster, just like in the movies. As the series progress in the end, his uncle is revealed to be an undercover detective.


  • Noah Munck as Nicholas "Nicky Deuce" Borelli II
  • Steve Schirripa as Uncle Frankie
  • Rita Moreno as Grandma Tutti
  • Vincent Curatola as Paulie
  • Tony Sirico as Charlie Cement
  • James Gandolfini as Bobby Eggs
  • Michael Imperioli as The Doctor
  • Cassius Creightney as Tommy
  • Cristine Prosperi as Donna
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