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Nenad Pagonis

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Nationality  Serbia Greece
Name  Nenad Pagonis
Reach  76.0 in (193 cm)
Height  1.93 m
Style  Muay Thai Kickboxing
Weight  88 kg
Stance  Orthodox

Nenad Pagonis Nenad PAGONIS vs Aleksey PAPIN

Born  July 28, 1987 (age 28) Novi Sad, Serbia (1987-07-28)
Other names  Greek,Tenshinhan,The Tulip
Division  Heavyweight Cruiserweight Light Heavyweight

Glory 12 superfight series nenad pagonis vs artem vakhitov

Nenad Pagonis (born 28 July 1987 in Serbia) is a Serbian heavyweight-cruiserweight Muay Thai kickboxer as of 2013 fighting out of Mike's Gym in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Team Pagonis in Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2010 he became W.A.K.O. Pro world champion (K-1 rules). He won a number of world and European titles at amateur level.


Nenad Pagonis Nenad Pagonis

Nenad pagonis psychology of the fighter

Biography and career

Nenad Pagonis Blic Online ampion u kik boksu Nenad Pagonis postao

Pagonis is of Greek paternal descent. In 2006, at the age of 19, he won a gold medal at the yearly Balkan Bames, and won gold at the W.A.K.O. European championships held in Macedonia. From 2007 to 2009 he won two world championships, two world cups and a further Balkans championship.

Nenad Pagonis Novi Sad Nenad Pagonis kik bokser o daljim nastupima

In 2010 Pagonis became professional, and won the W.A.K.O Pro world title against reigning champion Antonio Sousa, winning by a third round stoppage victory in Milan Sousa was knocked down three times before the referee stopped the fight. Pagonis then joined Mike's Gym in the Netherlands where he trained with fighters including Badr Hari and Melvin Manhoef. Pagonis has now won a world title 8 times (4 amateur titles, 4 professional title) and has won 3 European titles. Pagonis also appeared on It's Showtime in Athens in 2010, where he defeated Rustemi Kreshnik by decision, allowing him to challenge the reigning It's Showtime 95MAX champion Danyo Ilunga the following year.

Nenad Pagonis Nenad Pagonis Alchetron The Free Social Encyclopedia

A planned fight on December 9, 2012 under the newly formed Serbian "Supreme Fighting Championship" organisation did not take place after Pagonis was injured.

Nenad Pagonis Nenad Pagonis KickBox YouTube

He lost to Artem Vakhitov by unanimous decision on the Glory 12: New York undercard in New York City on November 23, but that decision was questionable.


Nenad Pagonis GRADSKE FACE Nenad Pagonis Potuju me ak i mangupi sa Detelinare


Nenad Pagonis Nenad Pagonis Agron je moj veliki prijatelj ovo nema veze sa
  • 2014 W.A.K.O. Pro World Low Kick Rules Heavyweight champion -88.61 kg
  • 2013 W.A.K.O. Pro cruiser heavyweight world champion -94.1 kg (Low Kick Rules)
  • 2012 Wins WAKO Pro World Grand Prix 2011 championship (As member of Serbian national team)
  • 2012 W.K.B.F. K-1 Rules International Super heavyweight Championship +95 kg
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Pro heavyweight world champion -88.6 kg (K-1 Rules)

  • Nenad Pagonis Nenad PAGONIS vs Aleksey PAPIN


  • 2015 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia −91 kg (K-1 rules)
  • 2014 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Bilbao, Spain −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)
  • 2013 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Guaruja, Brasil −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)
  • 2012 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Ankara, Turkey −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)
  • 2011 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Skopje, Macedonia -91 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2010 Serbia Open Cup Champion -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2009 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Villach, Austria -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2009 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Oporto, Portugal −86 kg (K-1 rules)
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. Balkans Championships in Ohrid, Macedonia -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2007 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia -81 kg (Low-Kick)
  • 2007 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary -81 kg (Low-Kick)
  • 2006 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Skopje, Macedonia -81 kg (Low-Kick)
  • 2006 W.A.K.O. Balkans Championships in Burgas, Bulgaria -81 kg (Low-Kick)
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