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Nazz III

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Released  May 1971
Length  42:44
Artist  Nazz
Label  SGC Records
Recorded  Late 1968 – Early 1969
Producer  Nazz
Release date  May 1971
Genre  Psychedelic rock
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Psychedelic rock albums  Nazz Nazz, Nazz, Faithful, A Wizard - a True Star, Initiation

Only one winner by the nazz

Nazz III is the third studio album by the American garage rock band Nazz. It was released in 1971 on SGC Records.


The band disbanded the following year. The songs on the album consisted of tracks recorded in late 1968 and early 1969 for an intended double album, to be titled Fungo Bat. When a single album (Nazz Nazz) was released instead, an album's worth of tracks remained unreleased. Drummer Thom Mooney, who retained possession of the master tapes, was contacted by SGC Records in 1970 and was coerced into allowing the label to listen to the material. Mooney was unaware that the label's intention was to use the recordings for a possible third album in order to capitalize on former Nazz member Todd Rundgren's burgeoning solo career. The label released Nazz III following the release of Rundgren's second solo album, Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren.

At some point during the production process for Nazz III, original vocalist Robert "Stewkey" Antoni overdubbed his vocals on songs which originally featured Rundgren singing. In 2006, Sanctuary Records released Nazz Nazz and Nazz III on a double CD that added several outtakes, including the original versions of songs where Rundgren's vocals were erased.

Track listing

All songs written by Todd Rundgren except where noted.

Side one

  1. "Some People" - 3:38
  2. "Only One Winner" - 3:02
  3. "Kicks" (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) - 3:47
  4. "Resolution" - 2:44
  5. "It's Not That Easy" - 2:36
  6. "Old Time Lovemaking" - 2:29
  7. "Magic Me" - 3:04

Side two

  1. "Loosen Up" (Antoni/Mooney/Rundgren/Van Osten) - 1:24
  2. "Take the Hand" - 2:15
  3. "How Can You Call That Beautiful" - 3:39
  4. "Plenty of Lovin'" (Van Osten)- 3:43
  5. "Christopher Columbus" (Van Osten) - 3:20
  6. "You Are My Window" - 6:00


  • On five tracks, "Only One Winner"; "Resolution"; "Its Not That Easy"; "Take The Hand"; and "How Can You Call That Beautiful", Stewkey's vocals are overdubbed over Rundgren's.
  • Personnel

  • Robert "Stewkey" Antoni: keyboards, vocals
  • Thom Mooney: drums
  • Todd Rundgren: guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on "You Are My Window"
  • Carson Van Osten: bass, vocals
  • References


    1Some People3:29
    2Only One Winner3:03


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