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Myna (film)

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Director  Nagashekar
Release date  February 22, 2013 (India)
Music director  Jassie Gift, Sadhu Kokila
Language  Kannada
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Romance
Story by  Nagashekar
Country  India
Myna (film) movie poster
Release date  22 February 2013 (2013-02-22)
Songs  Baa Illi Beesu
Cast  Chethan Kumar (Satya aka Satyamurthy), Nithya Menen (Myna), Sarathkumar, Suman Ranganathan, Arun Sagar, Tabla Nani
Similar movies  Jassie Gift composed the music for Myna and Shyloo

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Mynaa (Kannada: ಮೈನಾ) is a 2013 Indian Kannada language romance drama film written and directed by Nagashekar. Based on a real-life incident, the film was produced by N. S. Rajkumar for Vajreshwari Combines. Chetan Kumar and Nithya Menen played the lead roles. Jassie Gift is the music director for the film. The film won Filmfare Award for Best Film – Kannada.


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The film begins with Satya (Chetan Kumar) being chased by the police. He is caught and is charged with a 34 serial murder case. While being transported to Bangalore on criminal charges, he shares his story with ACP B. B. Ashok Kumar, the officer who is leading the team that arrested him. How Satya met Mynaa is revealed in a flashback sequences.

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Satya was one of the contenders of a reality game show played near Dudhsagar Falls. In one of the tasks, he is to collect as much money as possible incognito. He chooses to beg as a disabled person using a trolley to push himself. On the train he spots a girl named Mynaa (Nithya Menen) and he is instantly infatuated by her. She gives him a 100 note and asks him to use it wisely. He would have won the challenge in the reality show had he surrendered the note. He refuses and as a consequence, has to quit the show. Satya is not disappointed by the turn of events and he considers using his time to pursue Mynaa. He pretends to be a disabled person every single day, but instead of begging he begins selling newspapers in the train that Mynaa frequents. This immensely pleases Mynaa. She starts falling in love with the ingenious beggar who sells newspapers. Slowly, they start conversing more. One day, they decide on meeting for a lengthy conversation. In this encounter, Mynaa confesses her feelings for Satya, and she is about to tell him the biggest secret of her life. Suddenly, her bag gets stolen. Satya, abandoning his pretense, catches the thieves responsible and retrieves the bag to Mynaa. She confesses that she is disabled and admits that she thought that Satya was one too and that was the reason why she liked him and considered him the perfect match for her. She expresses her discontent for Satya's lies, but she turns back and asks him if he still likes her. To this, Satya says "I will always like you no matter what happens, I will like you forever!". Satya also reveals that he knew about her inability to walk. They then resolve their problems, decide to trust each other. They get married and run away from Castle Rock to Bangalore.

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Once in Bangalore, they move into a house and Satya finds a job as a Taxi driver and Mynaa as a voice support engineer at a small software company; they live the happiest moments of their lives in this period of time in a small house. Mynaa gets recommended by her boss to join a bigger software company. Everything is going well for them, Satya says his dream in life is to see Mynaa chase him around standing on her own feet.

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He tells her of a doctor he drove to the airport who is confident of getting her operated and make her stand again. On Satya's insistence, Mynaa visits the doctor who recommends a full body scan. Mynaa reluctantly obliges to this. The doctor, in a breach of ethics, makes a nude video of her when she is drugged. He threatens her later to submit to his mercy. She however tries to hide this fact from Satya, who finds out the truth when he takes her phone to a repair store.

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Satya invites the doctor home without the knowledge of Mynaa and politely asks the evil doctor to hand over the tapes and not publicize the video. The doctor refuses and insists on having his way, this enrages Satya and he manhandles the doctor. But the doctor continues to incite him and Satya breaks down and kills the doctor. He disposes the dead body by cleverly making it look like a car accident. Satya convinces Mynaa to leave for Chennai at once stating he has had a transfer to which she agrees. They meet a different doctor (Suhasini Maniratnam), who has a good track record of curing polio patients. Mynaa agrees to get the operation done. Satya goes to the bank to draw money, but he gets a call from an old friend of Mynaa, Revathi (Malavika Avinsah) who asks him to meet her at the beach. This turns out to be a trap set by the police and thus he ends up being in custody of ACP Kumar, to whom Satya has been narrating the story. Upon hearing the story, Ashok sympathizes with Satya. It is revealed that there have been many false allegations on Satya, who has only committed one murder. The police officer fights for Satya, trying to convince his brother, a lawyer (Anant Nag), to save the criminal from the false 34 serial murder case. Ashok leaves Satya out of custody as an expression of his faith in Satya who is provided shelter at a friend of Ashok's.

Ashok and his friend both come under lot of pressure from their bosses and the government to produce former to court. They are also negatively projected by the media. Satya on overhearing a conversation between Ashok had his friend, learns that they have succumbed to the pressure from the government and that they intend to have him jailed. Satya quietly escapes and witnesses his wife being taken to a hostel by the police, hidden. He calls his old friend form Castle Rock (Dudhsagar) and requests him to bring Mynaa to Kengeri railway station, who agrees. Against this dramatic facade, people who are planning to kill Satya have also gathered. Ashok brings his sharp team of police officers to the station. They grab the gang trying to kill Satya. But, as a safety measure Ashok has stationed police with pointed guns on Satya.

Satya meets Mynaa hugging her and lifts her in his arms and carries her; the train passes and Ashok's view of Satya is obscured. Satya starts to run away with Mynaa. Ashok who knows the police might shoot Satya orders them "Don't shoot", but the train sound flushes the "Don't" from his command. The constables shoot down Satya. The constables open fire again this time killing Mynaa in cross fire. Satya is shot again. The couple both die holding each other in their arms.


Myna is based on a real-life incident. Ex-cop BB Ashok Kumar, the man who had detected more than 100 murder cases, narrated a murder mystery to the director that became the subject of the story. The cameraman Kashi editor Johny Harsha and music director Jassie Gift of Sanju Weds Geetha were retained in the team by director Nagashekhar.

The shooting of this movie was done across the konkan stretch of Karnataka including the astounding locales of Dudhsagar waterfalls on the borders of Karnataka & Goa. The aerial shots of this water falls and green surroundings would surely be a treat to the viewer. The locations even include the brilliant coastline of Uttara Kannada.


Jassie Gift has composed all the songs while Kaviraj and V. Nagendra Prasad have shared the lyrics.


Mynaa received tremendous verdicts from both critics and audience. The quality of the film set new standards in the industry. gave a 3.5/5 and concluded saying "Mynaa is a beautiful love story especially made for lovers". gave a 4/5 and concluded saying "Best ever romantic movie after mungaaru male". The movie has attained a cult classic status and has been adored by young couples. The movie has brilliant narration, storyline, screenplay and songs though it lacks good dialogues. The movie is high on its technical aspects, be it in camera work, editing and the overall quality.

Box office

It has completed 50 days in 22 centers and collected around 12 crores at the box-office.and this movie completed 100 days in some theaters across Karnataka grossing around ₹50 crores


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