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Mundkur is a village in Karkala Taluk, Udupi district, Karnataka, India. The Durga Parameshwari temple located here was built circa 9th century AD.


Map of Mundkur, Karnataka 574121


Mundkur Maagane contains the three villages of Mundkur, Mulladka and Inna; with its border till Elluru in the North, sankalkareya in the South, Bola in the East and Ulepady in the West. There are Mahalingeshwara Temples in the Four corners of Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple of Mundkur( South East: Posral; South West: Ulepady; North West: Inna Muddannu; North East: Bola Mahalingeshwara temples) which were constructed centuries later. As per available ancient records, in Shaka varsha 1337 (1415 C.E.), (Hevilambi Samvatsara) King Narasimha Banga Raja (Bangas) transferred the administration of MUNDKUR Magane to Chowta Rulers. Mundkur was the Central governing point for any administration, Panchayath(Settlement of disputes), and Discussion venue for these three villages which continues even today. Any function in the three villages were banned between Dwajarohana and Avabritha(Jalaka) in Mundkur Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, which is observed even today.

Legend has it that Goddess Durga Parameshwari slayed the demon Mundaka here as per Skaanda Puraana and place was named as MUNDAKOORU which became MUNDKUR in later days. The idol was initially installed facing West by Bhargava Rishi as per the request of Suratha Raaja after the prathistha of Sri Raajarajeshwari in Pulinapura,now known as POLALI, before 800 AD. Famous Researcher, Dr.P. Gururaja Bhat has done lot of innovative researches about various temples and estimated the age of the Mahishamardini idol of Mundkur as belonging to early 8th century,the oldest temple in the three villages of Inna, Mundkur, Mulladka, Kadandale, Bola, Ulepaady, Yelinje and other nearby villages, with Royal connections of Banga and Chouta Rulers . During the reconstruction of the temple in 2005/06, the original door frames in western portion of the wall of the Sanctum Sanctorium was found which has been preserved in the temple premises. Kere/ Pushkarni is there in the west even today known as Sri Bhargava Theertha)and Ashwatha Vriksha in the north west. During the Jain rule, King Veeravarma, who was considered as a bad ruler, turned the idol towards east to take out buried riches from underneath the idol. Since then, the idol is facing East.

Mundkur Durga is Kuladevi for the Brahmin community of Bhargava Gothra and most of the devotees from GSB, Bunts, Billavaas, Kulaals, Devadigaas and other devotees worship as Mane Devi(Goddess of their original House)and the priests are belonging to Bharadwaja Gothra from the ancient time in Mundkur,Yelinje,Ulepady and Inna. Christians and Muslims worship with flowers and poojas which can be seen even today. Jainpete, ruins of Jain Basadi and palace, Kalkuda and Jattinga Daivaas (Worshiped by the then Jains) can be seen here and Jain community is not living, which is said to be due to the curse of Devi to the bad attitude of earlier Jains and their cruel Ruler Veeravarma who turned the idol from west to east. Jain devotees visit and seek the blessings in different occasions; but, there is no resident Jain family found here. As per Paad-dana(Ancient Tulu Folk Songs) Kanthabaare and Boodabare, Great Heroes of South Kanara District,born in Ulepaady village; were devotees of Mundkur Durga and due to the bad attitude and character of Veeravarma and his followers, they killed him and his bad company. Due to No-Governance, Moodabidre Chowta Rulers have interfiered and reformation took place by them. The administration of the temple was handed over to Brahmins of eight families belonging to Bhargava Gothra,headed by Madmannaya family as Pavithrapaani and Eight Guththus, Four Paraaris, Four Baalikes as supporters on behalf of villagers of Inna, Mundkur, and Mulladka. As a token of love and respect the Chowta King donated lots of land, two Wooden pillars of the single Jack fruit tree, said to be from the Chouta Palace yard (The Biggest and bulky in the District, which can be seen even today)and several precious wooden Logs…. etc. for the temple and the Chowta Queen has donated her precious stone studded ornaments to Durga Devi, which is used for decorating the Main idol in the temple during festivals and special occasions. The Chowta Rulers were visiting the temple during annual car festival under the personal invitation from the Chief of Madmannaya family. The King and his Team used to relax at Sacheriparari, a place in the village border of Mundkur (Stone Cot on which Chowta ruler is said to be using to relax can be seen here even today) and was being received by the villagers at Jarige Katte. The Chowta King used to participate in the final day’s Chendu-aata(Foot Ball Match) of the young villagers followed by Arasara Katte Pooje and Keredeepotsava. From the year 1855AD, visit of Chowta rulers was stopped due to the misunderstanding amongst the villagers and Chief of Madmannaya family and Madmannayas stopped visiting and inviting the Chowta. Even today the Arasara Kattepooje, Keredeepotsav is being celebrated and that day is called as Arasara Bali Utsava day.


The prime deity is Sri Durgaparameshwari in the form of Mahishamardini, holding the demon Mahisha upside down and piercing thrishul on his body. Hence the name Mundakke oori nintha OOru became Mundkur in the later stage as per one version. Other deities being worshiped are Sri MahaGanapathi (Kshipraprasaada swaroopi), Navagraha, Naaga, AshwaththaVriksha, Dhoomavathi, Raktheshwari, Vyaghra Chamundi(Pilichandi), Vaarahi (Panjurli) and Rakshopi Devatha (Protector from evil Spirits)in the temple. Photos of Sri Madhvacharya, Sri Vadiraja swamiji, Sri Raghavendra Swamiji, and Sri Bhootharaja are installed in Sri Madhva Mandira, where bhajans and poojas are held regularly.

Sri Vitoba Rukumayi Temple in Mundkur: In this temple trikal pooja is performed followed by Bhajan keerthans daily during night by the devotees. This temple is built and managed by GSB Community. The founder of this temple was Posral Lakshmana Kamath and his family.

Other temples surrounding Mundkur

Posral Sri Mahalingeshwara temple, Inna Muddannu Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Sri Vishnumoorthi Temple in Bailaguthu(Inna), Vyaghra Chamundi in Madmannu, Brahma Baidarkala Garadi and Brahmasthana in Mulladka, Dhoomavathi in Innada Guthu are the nearby places of worship in the vicinity of Mundkur Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple.

In the north east corner of Mundkur, a place known as Gurumeru can be seen where water flows all the 365 days surrounded by forest and hills, which is said to be the place where Bhargava Gothra saints used for Penance and Meditation during ancient period. The place has got natural beauty and lots of snakes, wild animals and different rare birds can be seen even today.

Kaje Sri Mahammayi Kshetra(Maari Gudi)

Three and half km away from Mundkur Sri Durga Temple and Two and half km away from Sacheripete where Durga is worshipped as Marikamba. In olden days children belonging to six families worshipped Durga as Marikamba under a big Mango tree. Later this became a legend and was known as Kukkudadi Kaje (Under the Mango Tree). Every Tuesday pooja is done and Devi Pathri Darshana is performed where the woes of devotees are heard by Devi Darshan Pathri and solutions are given which come true. Hundreds of devotees have got their wishes fulfilled and devotees come from far and wide seeking blessings of Maarika Durgaparameshwari. The generous donors have started Annadaana on the days of Devi Darshan. The devotees offer different sevas including Maaripooja and Special Gaddige Pooja, Flower pooja, Thulabharam, Archana, Chandika Havan, Kadali Havan...etc. Devotees come here from various destinations irrespective of caste and religion including Muslims and Christians in large numbers seeking solutions for their unique woes/problems and it is true that they get blessed within very short period.


The annual Car-festival happens in the kumbha masa every year which is on Feb 17th or 18th. Navaratri, Deepotsava are other special days for the goddess. Jalaka (dipping in river shambhavi) takes place on the next day of the car festival. Punarprathista Day falls on February 2 and 5 February Brahmakalashaabhisheka Day.

In Karthika Masa, Nagara Sankeerthane is performed throughout the month followed by Deepotsava on krishna thriyodashi, Chathurdashi and Laksha Deepothsava on Karthika Amavasya.

Madhva Navami, Sri Raghavendra Swami Aradhana, Sri Vadiraja Swami Punya thithi is celebrated through bhajans and Pooja. On Ganesh Chathurthi day Saarvajanik Ganesha Idol is worshipped and on the fifth day evening after mosaru Kudike (Fancy Dress) with procession immersed in River Shambhavi in Sankalkariya border of Mundkur village and Udupi District (near Doddamane). During Navarathri Nine types of Durga Alankaara is done to the Main idol, which is Rare in Karnataka. On Moola Nakshatra Day Sri Sharada idol is worshipped and after Sri Chandika Havan on Vijayadashamiday, immersed in Kurkilbettu Brahmasthana gundi. The processions are very attractive and thousands of devotees participate on both the occasions. Saura Yugaadi, Panchanga Shravana, Upakarma, Deepaavali, Dhanya Lakmi pooja/Navanna Bhojana, Balindra Pooja, Paththenaaja are being celebrated in the temple.

Cultural and social activities

  • Sri DurgaParameshwari kripaposhitha Yakshagaana Mandali - Yakshagaana and Thaalamaddale programmes on different occasions performed regularly through local artists. Bhajans, Harikathaas, Bharathanaatya, Folk Dance and Music, Dramas are performed during Navaraathri, Deepotsav and Annual Car festivals by devotees belonging to different castes and communities.
  • Sri Durga Smrithi CD - Detailed information about the Temple,Brahmakalasha, renovation activity, cultural programmes, falicitation and opinions of the renowned personalities and Swamijies are included in the CDs. This was dedicated by Sri Narayana Shetty(A to Z Mumbai)and Smt. Jayanthi N Shetty of Thadyara House, Mundkur.
  • Sri Mundkur Kshethra Mahathme—Yakshagana VCDs- Depicting the history of Mundkur through Yakshagaana acted by renowned artists of SouthKanara District, back ground songs by Padyana Ganapathi Bhat and Dinesh Ammannaya. This was dedicated by Vedamoorthi Jayarama Acharya, Chief Priest and Trustee of the Temple.
  • Prabhatha Pushpanjali- Devotional Songs and Mundkur Sri Durgaparameshwari Suprabhatha sung by Vidvan Vidyabhushana and dedicated by Angadiguthu Sri Prasad M Shetty in memory of his uncle Late Bhavanishankara Shetty( Kutti Shetty) and Smt.Vasanthi B Shetty of Angadiguthu, Mundkur
  • Bhakthi Mallika- Kannada and Tulu Devotional Songs on Mundkur Durga written and directed by Vidvan Astavadhani Umesh Gautham Nayak, Sung by his team members. This was Dedicated in memory of Mundkur Agrasale Late Kanthara Shetty and Late Soorappa Shetty by their children.
  • Suprabhatha and Bhakthi Geethegalu- in Kannada dedicated by Vidwan Dr. Balamuralikrishna of Chennai and Smt. B R Chaya of Bangalore.
  • Developments, Improvements, Facilities

    The temple has plans to provide Annadaana for the devotees on a large scale regularly. Based on the demand Community Marriage is conducted by Dedicated Wellwisher and devotee for the deserving poor. The vision in terms of education, medical aid has to be implemented. The chief Priest of the Mundkur Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple - Late Vedamurthi Jayarama Acharya started Sri Durgaparameshwari Charitable Trust(R) in association with Udupi Palimar Matt - preaching Vedas, Sanskrit,Paurohithya and daily rituals in Madhva Gurukula Building near the temple and Sanskrit is being taught to the students of Vidya Vardhaka Pre University college free of cost for the 8th and 9th standard with awards for the outstanding students by Sharada Jayarama Acharya Prathisthana.

    Ashraya Charitable Trust formed by Sri Sudhakar M Shetty of Mulladka GuruPrasad House, is conducting nursery classes for the deserving children free of cost. Educational, social and health related functions are also sponsored by this organisation to certain extent in Mundkur.

    Nitte Education Trust has opened its Dental care unit in Mundkur under the rural development scheme supporting the villagers in respect of their dental problems at concessional rates.

    Considering the Golden Jublee year of Silver Palaquin, Golden Pallaquin has been dedicated by the devotees to the temple on 17 February 2009.Silver Chariot has been dedicated in 2006. Silver Chariot Utsava (Belli Theru) is being conducted by the Devotees regularly between Deepavali and Pathenaaje(normally falling on 24 May).

    Daily Annadaana is being offered by the Temple for the devotees as Prasadams between 12.30Pm and 2.30 Pm. During Festivals like Navarathri, Deepotsava, Rathotsava Annadaana is offered even during night for the devotees coming from different destinations.

    The Devotees have constructed Sri Durga Parameshwari Sabhabhavana(Kalyana Mantapa)where the functions are conducted with a minimum rentals and Sri Bhargavi Samudaya Bhavana has been added for the poor for organising their functions at a reduced rent or free, based on the financial condition of the performer.

    Small Guest house has to be constructed for the out station devotees for which devotees are requested to contribute their donations.The department of Tourism also needs to contribute in this aspect.

    How to Reach Mundkur

    Mundkur is in the extreme border of Udupi District. Devotees coming from Mangalore can take the route of Bajpe-Kateel-Kinnigoli-Mundkur and from Udupi - Katpadi-Manchakal-Belmannu-Mundkur Regular Buses are available from Mangalore, Udupi, Karkala, Moodabidri, kinnigoli to Mundkur.

    Sevaas in Shree Kshetra, Mundkur

    Flower Pooja, Durga Namaskaara, Rangapooja, Thulabhara, Silver Chariot Utsava, Chandika Homa, Durga Homa, Navagraha Homa, Ganapathihoma, Mrithyunjaya Homa, Annasantharpane are performed in the Temple. For further information kindly contact the Temple Office :

    Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple P.O.Mundkur 576121 Karkala Taluk, Udupi District. Phone : 08258 267967

    Formation of New Governing Committee by the Dharmika Parishath of Govt of Karnataka

    As per the Government order new Administrative committee has taken over charge of Mundkur Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple,on February 8, 2013 from the Administrator Sri Jagannath Rao, Tahasildar of Karkala Taluk. The governing Committee consisting of 8 members has selected Mulladka Guruprasad Sri Raghu T Shetty as the Chairman. Archaka Sri Ramadasa Acharya, Annedaguthu Sri Jayarama S Shetty,Sri Mahabala G Karkera, Smt Shantha S Hegde, Smt Nalinakshi Sapaldi, Sri Vishwanath Poojary,Sri Shekar Mukhari have been appointed as the members of the Governing body of the Temple and the Executive officer Sri Govind Naik as the Secretary.

    The Annual Car Festival was celebrated on February 18, 2014 where thousands of devotees participated for all the events starting from 5th till 21 February 2014.Various dignitaries and leading devotees from different temples, places took part in the festival and took the blessings from Goddess Sri Durgaparameshwari. Cultural activities sponsored by various devotees were conducted as a part of entertainment for the devotees and villagers.

    Renovation and Brahmakalasha

    In the past 65 years,the Brahmakalashabhisheka took place in 1978 and 1993 with few renovations, additions to the temple and in the year 2005-06, the Garba Gudi, Theertha Mantapa, Suthu Powli,Mukha Mantapa, Padu Gopura, Temple Ratha Shed etc. were reconstructed by the dedicated devotees under the guidance of Trustee/ Chief Priest Vedamurthi Jayarama Acharya, Sri P Ramadas Madmannaya(Pavithrapani), MD of AMS Ltd, Bangalore; Trustee Sri Raghu T Shetty of Guruprasad,Mulladka, the Man who contributed the major constructions and various religious,cultural and daily Annadana, including the New Granite Sanctum Sanctoriums for Sri Mahaganapathi and Sri Durgaparameshwari and the Managing Trustee, Mundkur Nadiguthu Jagadishchandra Hegde along with other trustees. The Mumbai committee,headed by Sri J. V. Shetty, Rtd CMD of Canara Bank and Sri Annedaguthu Jayarama Shetty; Sri M G Karkera, (Director-Arcadia Group of Companies); Sri K V Acharya of Sriraj,Mundkur. The Punarprathishta of Goddess Durgaparameshwari was done in Newly built Sanctum Sanctorium on February 2, 2006 followed by the Brahmakalasha on February 5, 2006. The Inauguration of renovation (Shadhadhara)work was done by HH Sri Vidya Sagara Theertha Swamiji of Krishnapur Math, Udupi on May 19, 2005; and Pejavar Math HH Sri Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji dedicated the New constructions on the lotus feet of Sri Durgaparameshwari on January 31, 2006 sponsored by dedicated devotees staying in different parts of India and Abroad. The events were witnessed by thousands of devotees who took part as "Karasevaks". The Auspicious religious rituals were performed under the Guidance of Brahmasri Harikrishna Thantri- Derebailu, Thenka Yedapadavu Ramamurthi Thantri, Narayana Thantri, Muralidhara Thantri, and their Team, followed by Cultural programmes including Dance, Drama, Yakshagaana, Bhajans, Spiritual Satsangs and Felicitations to the Donors, Work force and Persons responsible for the Mega event, ever happened in the History of Mundkur. The Cultural events were undertaken under the leadership of Dr.P. Balakrishna Alva, Mundkur.


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