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Mujer secreta

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Created by  Alidha Ávila
Country of origin  Venezuela
First episode date  2 June 1999
Network  RCTV
Language  Spanish
8.3/10 IMDb

Directed by  José Alcalde
Original language(s)  Spanish
Final episode date  26 October 1999
Number of episodes  126
Genres  telenovela, Drama
Mujer secreta Picture of Mujer secreta

Starring  Carolina TejeraJuan Carlos VivasMariano AlvarezAlba RoversiLuis Fernandez
Opening theme  "Como un Aleluya" by Sergio Dalma
Similar  Hay as que matan, Hoy te vi, Mis 3 Hermanas, Carita Pintada, La mujer de Lorenzo

Mujer Secreta (1999) is a Venezuelan Telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Alidha Ávila (creator), Alidha Ávila (scripts), Ezequiel Borges (scripts), Sandra Caula (scripts), Josefina Jordan (scripts), and José Manuel Peláez (scripts) and directed by José Alcalde and Nicolás Di Blasi. This telenovela lasted 126 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.



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As if written by Eugenia: Inside these pages I feel safe with my thoughts. But out there in the world, I am raw. My husband Gustavo’s violence is a reflection of his painful insecurities, and I am vulnerable because I am the gentle lamb and he is the wolf.

Mujer secreta Mujer secreta Episodio 83 Carolina Tejera Juan Carlos Vivas

I somehow feel responsible, taking on his failures as my own. I know that the harsh hand of his mother Carlota has carved his destiny, and José Manuel’s ruinous ambitions only make things worse. When I can bear the pain no more, rescue comes to me, but my savior becomes my jailer. Escape is an agonizing dilemma. By leaving, I could be free of one sentence, but then I’d become trapped in another.

Mujer secreta Mujer SecretaEntrada RCTV1999 YouTube

How do I regain the poetry of life in the wake of my deep sadness? I have a secret that I share only with Bernardo, In my dreams, we walk hand in hand, reaching for the happiness that only a life of love with him can fulfill.

Mujer secreta Mujer secreta Episodio 33 Carolina Tejera Juan Carlos Vivas

I know that within his arms lie safety and protection, but our union is forbidden. Being with him seems nearly impossible now, yet no matter what, he is always in my heart. I trust that as time passes, the universe will bless and enlighten me. And then one day, I will reclaim my soul for the purest purpose of all – living inside the realm of Bernardo’s love.


Mujer secreta Mysterious woman Mujer secreta

  • Carolina Tejera as Eugenia Sanchez de Landaeta
  • Juan Carlos Vivas as Bernardo Valladares
  • Mariano Alvarez as Jose Manuel Valladares
  • Alba Roversi as Esperanza Salvat
  • Carlos Camara Jr. as Javier Espinoza
  • Luis Fernandez as Gustavo Landaeta
  • Carlos Marquez as Don Julio Valladares
  • Dad Dager as Cecilia Valladares de Espinoza
  • Maria Cristina Lozada as Yolanda de Valladares
  • Herminia Martinez as Carlota Zanetti de Landaeta
  • Rosario Prieto as Evencia de Romero
  • Margarita Hernandez as Clemencia Hidalgo Ollarvide
  • Leopoldo Regnault as Jose Clemente Bejarano
  • Manuel Escolano as Esteban Itriago
  • Ambar Diaz as Yuraima
  • Alfonso Medina as Marcos Romero
  • Betzabeth Duque as Manuela Itriaga
  • Antonio Cuevas as Rodolfo Romero
  • Aitor Gaviria as Asdrubal España
  • Mirela Mendoza as Fatima Romero
  • Solmayra Castillo as Ana María de Itriago
  • Gabriela Santeliz as Adelaida Bejarano
  • Leonardo Marrero as Orlando Contreras
  • Jeronimo Gil as Danilo Bejarano
  • Malena Alvarado as Magola
  • Frank Spano as Alvaro Gil
  • Mauricio Antonucci as Simon Romero
  • Jorge Aravena as Sebastian Palacios
  • Joel Borges as Pecas
  • Martin Brassesco as Alexis Salgueiro
  • Ivonne Conte as Celina
  • Alejo Felipe as Horacio Santana
  • Gaspar 'Indio' González as Celio
  • Gledys Ibarra as Micaela Rojas
  • Ralph Kinnard as Walter Newman
  • Vito Lonardo as Paredes
  • Gerardo Soto as Alfonzo Ponte
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